Destiny 2 Beginner’s Guide

Destiny 2 is a shooter type of game which is set in a world where humanity finds itself in a desperate situation. Cities are destroyed, there are no defenders left, and the remaining warriors are forced to confront the legions of invaders. New players need to travel to new worlds and fight in numerous battles, all in order to regain their former authority and gain unprecedented power.

At first glance the game may seem complicated for new players, but in this article we’ll help the new players to understand all the difficulties and explain how the game works. If you’re a new Destiny 2 player, you’re likely to be a little confused by the abundance of information. However, everything is not as hard as it may seem at first sight.

For beginners, Destiny 2 starts with the creation of your character, where you have 3 options to choose from:

  • Titan;
  • Hunter;
  • Warlock.

In this case, each character class includes 3 more subclasses, each of them has unique characteristics and abilities. We recommend beginners to start with the class of Titan, because this class has a high level of protection. If you prefer a more adventurous game, not the classic warrior, you can try your skills and choose your character in two other classes such as hunter and warlock. For the fans of extreme and challenging games, the hunter would be a greater character option. They are fast, agile and can easily deal with enemies with both a bow and arrow and a deadly blade. Warlocks are unusual types of wizards, in this shooter game warlocks are so-called helpers. They are the most indispensable characters in the team game. However, do not rush to choose warlocks. These characters are quite difficult to play and are more suitable for experienced gamers.

Raids are considered the best PVE content in Destiny. Although they are rather challenging, they are very entertaining. Raids are 6-person events that require coordination and good communication skills. It can be a tough shuffle for newcomers, however they can use raid carries Destiny 2. A raid is a fairly complex mission for a clan or a group of players. The difficulty, as we have mentioned previously, lies in the coherence of the team’s work. As for raid missions – there is a huge variety of them: puzzles, firefights, quests, and much more. However, players often have problems with the passage of certain missions. If a team of participants gets into a deadlock, raid services come to the rescue, with their quick and safety help.

Character Creation: Where to start?

Once you have chosen a character class, you can move on to the process of creating and customizing. It should be noted that Destiny 2 has a rather extensive selection of customization menus, which not all shooter games have. Here you can choose such parameters as race, gender and facial features. This does not affect the characteristics and abilities of the character in any way, so you can create an appearance that you like.

Weapon and Equipment Guide

As in every shooter game, weapons and equipment play an important role in Destiny 2. To begin with, you should distinguish between the three types of weapons that are presented in the game.

The first type of weapon is a kinetic weapon. These weapons are used by the player most of the time of the game. Pistols, rifles, submachine guns and revolvers are the most frequent types of weapon that are used in both PvP and PvE battles.

The second type is an energy weapon. It’s similar to kinetic, but the energy type of weapon can deal lightning or sunlight damage. Ammunition can often be found on defeated enemies, so players usually do not have problems with finding them.

Energy type of weapon is very effective in PvE battles, because it allows the removal of energy shields of many enemies. Otherwise in PvP with this isn’t the best type of weapon because there are high chances of losing.

The third type of weapon in the game is a power weapon. They are capable of destroying your opponents with one blow, which is very useful in PvP battles. Power weapons include rockets, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and swords. In PvE mode they are used exclusively for destroying the main villains, due to the fact that they cause damage and rapidly deprive the enemy of his strength.

There is also armor in Destiny 2, which affects the characteristics of the main character. There are a total of five characteristics in the game that can be improved with the help of it:

  • Mobility. Improving the skill will allow your character to move around locations faster.
  • Fortitude. After pumping this parameter, your character will take less damage.
  • Restoration. This skill can be upgraded to the maximum, because it affects the recovery rate of health.
  • Intelligence. Characters with increased intelligence recover their superpowers faster.
  • Strength. Increases the amount of damage your character deals to enemies during the fight.

Additional play activities

After the basic stages of creating a character have been passed, the question arises: what should I do next? In Destiny 2, you will definitely not be bored. It’s worth paying attention to the open events. They appear throughout the game on different planets. Basically, their purpose is the destruction of a particular enemy or the search for new resources. For the completed task the game rewards the players with a random prize. In addition to this, we advise newcomers to pay attention to the quests which are given by the non-player character. Many players find this type of task more captivating and thrilling.

The Destiny 2 guide could certainly go on and on for a long time, listing more tips for beginning players of Destiny 2. But we think that if you have read this article till the end, you absolutely have enough information to start playing in the Destiny universe right now. After all, experience comes with time and now the most important thing is to get started. We’re sure that you will appreciate the Destiny 2 game and quickly get familiar with the new universe and make a lot of new friends, that will make your gaming experience even more exciting.

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