Could Your Doctor’s Office Use A Checkup?

When you take time out to review how your doctor’s office is doing, anything jump out at you as a potential red flag?

If there are such concerns, how soon until you act on them?

If you fail to address these concerns, your office could be in trouble before you know it.

So, when will you give your office a checkup?

Do You Have Protection?

In reviewing your office to see if there are issues having a negative impact on you, hone in on the following:

1. Protecting you – What would you do if you suddenly had to stop practicing for any notable amount of time? This could be due to an injury or illness that leaves you unable to work. With the right physician disability insurance, you make sure you have financial protection. Instead of losing all you have worked so hard for, you are protected. If you do not already have such coverage, go online and find the right protection. By doing this, you invest in you and the office you have worked hard to build and nurture.

2. Patient services – How good of a job are you doing when it comes to giving patients with top-rate service? Remember, without your patients, your business would not exist in the first place. As such, are you doing enough for them? It is not only curing what ails them but making sure they feel relaxed in your office. You also want to do the right amount of follow-up care. This means having someone from your team call them after an office visit. By checking in on them, you show that you care.

3. Latest in technology – Are you using the latest in technology to help your patients out? From medical devices to having an app for your practice, make sure tech is not an afterthought. Given many consumers want and use the latest in tech in their lives, it stands to reason they expect you to do the same. If you have the opportunity to attend trade shows each year, this can be beneficial to you.

4. Office layout – It is also wise to review your office layout. Make sure it is set up to handle patients in a constructive manner. For many people, going to the doctor’s office can be nerve-wracking. Make sure your office is set up for those with handicaps and other such needs. 

5. Handling billing – Last, many consumers worry about meeting their financial needs. As such, be sure you make it easy for your patients to pay their bills with you. If you are able and willing to, you might consider payment plans. That is for those individuals having a tougher time meeting their financial obligations. Also, look at your filing system. Some doctors still use paper filing while others have gone to online and related efforts.

In giving your office a checkup, you do something positive for all you have worked for and your patients.

So, is it time for a checkup?

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