A Guide In Selecting The Right Ottawa Video Production Company

The Canadian marketplace is filled with millions of businesses and establishments offering different products and services. Even in the video production industry, the options can become pretty overwhelming. The good news is if you are looking for an excellent Toronto, Vancouver, or Ottawa video production company, finding the right one is easy. You just have to take some essential factors into consideration.

Factors to Consider in Selecting an Ottawa Video Production Company

Production Quality.

At the core, all your video production company options in Ottawa should be able to meet certain standards to ensure high production value. Selecting the right video production company can significantly impact the success of your project. For instance, services like Houston video production have been known to deliver high-quality results, tailored to the unique needs of their clients. But how can you spot the best one? Heed the tips below:

Tip 1: Check out each video production company’s portfolio and see if their work got that x-factor. It is okay to hire the cheapest service provider but that should not compromise the quality of the work done. If the company’s portfolio looks like a low-budget, you might want to consider proceeding to your other options.

Tip 2: Check if the b-roll matches the company’s claims and advertisements. B-roll is a term pertaining to a supporting video that gets to be shown in front of a voice-over. For instance, if the voice is talking about a particular subject, the video should have the same or relevant subject as the focus. The experts call it the “say it, see it” mantra and it is vital to ensure that the right message is conveyed in the video.

Tip 3: Check if the interview video samples of the company have that professional feel. As much as possible, keep away from companies whose work sounds like a low-quality microphone is used or the microphone is improperly situated. One sign that a company lacks the experience is if the staff member puts the mic so far from the mouth of the interviewee. If you are looking for a professional video production, this is a vital aspect that can either make or ruin it.

Tip 4: Check the lighting. The video content should not look too bright or dark. At the same time, it should not look flattering when it falls on the face of the interviewee.

camera men checking shots with a professional video recording setup


No matter how skilled and reputable an Ottawa video production company is, a team that is hard to work with can significantly impact the quality of the output. When it comes to meeting the objectives of the project, you will want to find out if the company is willing to bend or they are strict at doing things their way.

This factor cannot be gauged at first glance but you can look for clues through feedback and reviews about the company or find it out yourself by talking to the company in person or over the phone. As much as possible, stay away from an arrogant team.


Most video production companies utilize the same set of tools and equipment but the quality and style of their output can widely differ depending on the company’s specialization and team’s expertise. On that note, one’s work may significantly differ from the other’s but that does not mean the latter is inferior. So, you just have to make sure that the company you will hire is the best at its forte.

At some point, you might need help with the project definition but regardless, it pays to take a look at the portfolio of the company you are eyeing on. If the company’s goals resonate in their work, then they might deserve your trust.

Crew Size

Although the size of the crew does not guarantee a high production value nor it can negatively impact the quality of the output, it will give you a hint about how they get the job done and how much they might bill. If you are pushing for an Ottawa-wide ad, you might want to run into a small-sized crew. It is going to be a different story for a national TV ad project.

Extra Mile

The best video production companies can offer not just their standard services but even beyond that, e.g. video scripting. Some of the models they follow entail overall creative direction responsibility to execute the visuals at the best level. A model that will help clients smoothen the video flow is worth investing in.

closeup picture of a professional video camera


The clients of the video production company you are eyeing on can say a lot about the company’s reputation. But, if the company happens to accept projects from businesses with the same nature as yours, then it is worth checking out how these projects went about. The more the company has pulled off those projects, the more likely it can realize your preference.


It does not matter how popular a video production company is. If its line of specialization is not in line with your requirements, then it is best to find another one. As early as in the inquiry phase, you should be able to communicate what you want and how you want the video to turn out. Most video production companies will be upfront whether they are capable of pulling it off or not.


Like with everything in business, the cost plays a vital role in deciding which Ottawa video production company to hire. Your envisioned project may even be realized for as low as a few thousand dollars. As each company differs in terms of price, your goal should be to find the one that can give the best value of your budget.

The majority of video production companies determine their price depending on some factors, e.g. the duration of the work in days or hours, the extra add-ons, etc. You have to take the value of what you will be getting into consideration in the sense that it should be able to generate leads to help you earn more and reach your target.

Video production companies in Canada can vary in a lot of ways but the secret to finding the right one is to gauge them in terms of the abovementioned factors in the most thorough way possible.

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