Summer Air Quality and Vacationing Options for Families!

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You can blame poor air quality in summer on humidity and heat indoors and outdoors. Due to solar radiation and sunlight, harmful gas like ozone builds up in the air when mixed with nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and others. While ozone in the higher atmosphere levels acts as a protector, its rise on ground level proves toxic and impacts respiratory systems.

What is the Impact of Air Quality?

Intense ozone rates also lead to the production of more air pollutants in big cities. A dramatic rise in air pollution levels can also be attributable to widespread travel in the warm season. And all this makes the stagnant hot air pose breathing challenges. Your body feels heated as you inhale the contaminated air, creating additional pressure on your lungs to circulate oxygen properly.

Because summer is also the best time to holiday with friends and family, you would not want to miss the fun. However, putting your health first is also crucial. As such, it’s interesting to know that outdoor air can be much better than indoor air. Nevertheless, to ensure everyone stays healthy and gets excellent outdoor memories to live, choose a destination with clean air.

You can pick a location based on its Air Quality Index or AQI, which determines how polluted or fresh the atmosphere is based on different pollutants. AQI under 100 indicates that air is good to moderate, and the increasing range denotes a decline in purity.

In summer, many Americans like to visit beaches in Washington. Do you also plan to go there? Here are some suggestions based on

Washington Beaches

This northwestern region has some of the best sands and rugged coves that people sometimes overlook. But if you are eying a long vacation with a breach break, the coastal towns here will mesmerize you with their glamorous shores and hidden gems. Many beaches also have a healthy air level, which can be another strong reason to consider any of them. Let’s check the options.

Long Beach with AQI 16

The Long Beach peninsula features crazy shorelines about 28 miles long. One can easily assume Long Beach to be the largest than anywhere else. You can walk barefoot or ride on a horse on this peninsula beach. You can treat yourself to tasty local seafood and water activities in between. During August, you can also witness the fun-filled Kite Festival. Those who go there in July can watch sand carving.

Ocean Shores with AQI 17

The spectacle of blue waves crashing on the sandy shore can be fascinating. You can visit the lakes, hike on the dunes, and watch migratory birds dot the sky. On this beach, your favorite pastimes will be lying down, appreciating nature’s love, and riding a horse.

Westport with AQI 32

This little coastline town is famous for its sea and seafood varieties. You can explore the 18 miles of sand stretches while taking in the views of birdlife and wildlife. You can also try fishing and surfing. And please wait for the romantic sight of sunsets.

Golden Gardens with AQI 32

This sprawling beach area welcomes you to recreational activities like volleyball, hiking, and swimming. The laid-back types can lie on the sand and indulge in delicious dinners on picnic tables. On a clear day, you can feast your eyes on the background of the Olympic Mountains.

Your summer vacation can be safe and wholesome when you choose the right place considering its health impact.

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