Could You Be Putting Your Job In Jeopardy?

No matter how many years you’ve been at your current job, how confident do you feel in it?

While you may not recognize it, you could in fact be putting your job in jeopardy if not careful.

So, what are some things you may need to pay closer attention to in the workplace moving forward?

Don’t Work Yourself Out of a Job

In doing all you can to keep your job and avoid what could be a career disaster, keep the following in mind:

1. Showing up each day ready to work

It is imperative you show up each day ready to work. Not doing so can make it hard for your employer to want to stick with you over the long haul. If you run your own small business, the same holds true when it comes to giving it 100 percent each day. Sure, there will be those days when you do not feel like working. That said make the extra effort to push yourself through such days.

2. Look the part

Unless you work in an environment where you do not come in contact with folks much, look the part. That means coming to work in a professional manner. No, this more times than doesn’t mean you need a three-piece suit. What it does mean is you are dressed nicely and have taken time to work on your personal appearance.

This would be things like hair, face, and more. If you are a guy and you have some semblance of facial hair, be sure to keep it looking clean and trim. In the event your razor has not been doing the job, now would be the time to look for another. Go online to check out shave clubs for men and any others that interest you. The goal is to find shaving equipment that will deliver a good shave time and time again. Also, make it a point to have your hair looking proper. Good hygiene and a smile also go a long way in securing a job more times than not.

3. Steer clear of drama

In the event, you work in an office with others, do your best to steer clear of any office drama. Some offices seem to be ripe for such drama. The last thing you want or need is to get caught up in it. If you do, it can put you in a bad light. Your goal is to show up and do your job each day without getting distracted by any sideshows. While it is fine to interact with others, do not fall victim to getting into something that could cost you a job.

4. Using social media in the wrong way

Last, countless individuals are on social media at any given time. As such, there is a lot going on. You want to avoid using social networks to bad-mouth your employer, co-workers, and so on. Always remember that you never know who is watching you online.

As you look to cement your position at work, do all you can to avoid jeopardizing it.

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