Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season Two Has Finally Arrived

It felt as if season one of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War lasted longer than all of 2020 but it wasn’t all bad. The addition of the DMR changed the landscape of Verdansk for several weeks. While guns like the Mac-10 and FFAR had all the little Jimmy’s and Timmy’s camping buildings waiting to melt squads close range. But that is all over now. Season two has arrived along with a plethora of new content, including the addition of several new game modes and of course new guns which will likely change the meta of the game in the coming weeks. For now, let’s take a look at what you can expect from the Season Two update.

Shipwreck POI

For the last week or so there have been storm clouds and lightning brewing off the coast of Verdansk. As the days past the ship has gotten closer and closer to shore. Now in Season Two, we have a new POI (point of interest) which is the remnants of the ship, named the Vodianoy, wrecked on the shore near Prison and the Port. This is an area of the map that has largely been a dead zone consisting of open fields, hills, and some rocks. The addition of this POI makes a lot of sense as far as expanding the playable portion of the map.

This POI is very large and will provide players with ample space to loot and engage in encounters with enemy teams. This POI can even spawn with a Buystation. But that is not all that spawns at the Vodianoy.

Zombies roam the decks and subdecks of the ship looking to feed on unsuspecting players. We have seen Zombies in Warzone before but not like this. These are Black Op zombies. Killing these undead NPC’s unlocks rewards in the limited run of the Outbreak game mode.

Weapon Silo POI

Another new POI arriving in Season Two of Warzone are three new Weapon Silos. We previously saw something like this open up near Airport but these are different. Each Silo contains a War Monument and tons of Valuable loot.

These silos are located at:

  • Jarvdinsk Spomenik above the Military Base
  • Zoszni Spomenik south east of Hills
  • Styor Sompenik in Park

New Cold War Weapons

The new Cold War Weapons are looking too good. Hopefully, we will get a new AR that can replace guns like the KILO, AMAX, or BRUIN.

The FARA is a new AR coming to the game as well as the GROZA. There is a new SMG called the LC10. If it is anything like the MAC-10 you can be sure people will be running this Sub Machine Gun. But I’ll probably wait for a JGOD or NickMercs video to see how to build it out in the Gunsmith.

There are also new Melee Weapons. A Machete has been added to the game. So you are bound to run into squads rocking Riot Shields, Flash Bangs, and Machetes in no time. While this will be mildly annoying, it might also be very fun to try a few times yourself.


Call of Duty: Black OPs Season Two has been highly anticipated and long-awaited. With its arrival finally, here it seems as if it will not disappoint. It’s always a risk with these updates. Sometimes you might be much better off trying to play casino online than download the new update. This time you will have to make the decision yourself. Until we get boots on the ground it is all speculation but things are looking up in Verdasnk. That is unless they decide to nuke it come March.

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