Best Strategy Games to Enhance the Power of a Creative Mind

strategy games can help develop your brain in multiple ways
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The human brain is the largest organ of the body, and it plays a great role in building the aspects of learning, visualizing, memorizing, and responding to different emotions. According to the researchers, one only utilizes 10 percent of the brain out of the percentage of 100, but it has a capacity of 2.5 petabytes. Isn’t that ridiculous? One can use the remaining portion by working on it so much to enhance the power of their creative mind. 

For improving the thinking capabilities of the brain, playing strategy games is one of the best options to help one have a focused mindset. Besides these gameplays, one can also enjoy the entertainment world of live casino online, which will allow a player to make more strategic thoughts while playing to try their luck. The following games will teach one how to combine the two worlds of enjoyment and fruitful learning by practicing better strategies to explore creative endeavors. 


The game is played between two opponents. The number of alternating colored squares that a Chess board contains is 64, which has the division into 2 different sides. Each player has to play from each side, which includes 16 pieces: a set of Queen, King, 2 Rooks, 2 Knights, 8 Pawns, and 2 Bishops. One needs to checkmate the King of the opponent to win. Chess enables one to develop logical and critical reasoning and thus builds creative thinking. 

Features of Chess in Doing Strategic Thinking:


In this gameplay, a roll of dice will decide whom among 2-8 players who will be the last landowner with the most money. Hence, a player must go through the situations of developing acquired properties and buying lands. In this procedure, one’s decision-making power to select among the opportunities is very crucial, and this nourishes a player’s brain capacity. 

Advantages of Monopoly to Shape One’s Intellect:

  • Teaches marketing strategies, income generation, and business management for getting a hold of diversified ways to grow one’s savings.
  • Enhancing flexibility for a better understanding of the circumstances. 


In this gameplay, a player requires the ability to be the dominant force among the settlers of Catan island, and they need to roll the dice to earn settlements and resources and to establish roads and cities. 3-4 players can participate in this game. Catan increases the player’s observation powers and deep and critical pursuits. 

The Ways Catan is Involved in Growing Complex Thinking Process

  • Strengthening real-life negotiation skills to build settlements.
  • Providing self-awareness and analytical lessons to act according to one’s environment’s resources. 


Like Catan, a player’s objective in this game is to develop a town with complete arrangements of towers, pastures, road systems, and castles. One also needs to consider the population to work on the construction. The winning chances will depend on how much bigger the town is than other opponents. This gameplay makes the players understand the value of patience and a stable mind to stay in the long run.

Dominating Characteristics of Carcassonne in Positioning Well-built Strategies 

  • Showing one the right path to follow, using organized decisions to create sound financial plans and personal budgets.
  • Modifying one’s natural inclination towards quick choices and bringing the power of recognition of the value of essential things. 

Why Do Smart Entrepreneurs Prefer Board Games?

Intelligent entrepreneurs prefer board games because this helps to boost the capacity of the brain and its function. Hence, critical thinking can be done with a focused mental state which will push one in the long run to gather intellectual aspects and logical problems.

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