Best Kitchen Gadgets And Tools To Make Cooking A Treat

We all love food. Cooking, on the other hand? Well, it’s very enjoyable for some, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. And even if you absolutely adore whipping up amazing dishes, it can very quickly become mundane. So, what if we told you that you can combine two of your favorite things — food and gadgets — and inject some love into your cooking routine? There are so many kitchen gadgets that can reignite that appreciation, but we’ve picked the ones we believe you’ll use the most. Not just fads, but useful equipment that will make cooking a treat.

Individual pasta boiling baskets

Everyone has a favorite pasta shape. But, as explained by the aficionados at Pasta Evangelists, did you know that there are so many different types of pasta that you could easily try a new one every day of the year? Well, what if you could try multiple types in one meal? Seriously though, even if you’ve already tried every pasta shape from fusilli to mafaldine, your partner probably has a different favourite to you, your flatmate another one, your guest another…you see where this is going.

Instead of prescribing everyone your preferred shape, use these individual pasta boiling baskets that will not only help you cook the correct amount, but also allow you to simultaneously prepare different types of pasta without them mixing. It doesn’t even have to be for multiple people — you can make different pasta dishes for a delicious yet varied meal plan for the week.

Sushi gun

Sushi has become one of the most recognisable Asian dishes, with a cult following that keeps on growing. But making it from scratch can be intimidating, and if you’re a perfectionist like us and can never get that perfect roll, it becomes frustrating. Do not fret, though, because we have a little gadget that will pay off big time.

The Sushezi sushi gun allows you to shoot out the best rolls you’ve ever made. Choose your ingredients (which, let’s be honest, are mostly raw anyway — not much prep required), fill the gun according to the basic instructions, and the sushi bazooka will do everything else for you. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of sushi, you can use the implement to make other types of rolls. Did someone say cake roll?

Vacuum sealer

Although we are very proud of every single item on this list, it is clear that the vacuum sealer is the most versatile gadget here. You can cook with it, use it for storage, and even keep your ingredients fresh for longer. Whether it’s delicious herbs or jarred goods, a vacuum sealer will help you save them from any harm.

However, our favorite use for this fantastic appliance is sous vide. This super cool method includes submerging an air-tight bag filled with meat, seasoning and herbs in boiling water, letting it slowly reach the optimum cooking level for soft, moist and flavorful goodness. There are also special machines that can help you do this. If, despite all the good reasons we gave you, you still don’t want to invest in a vacuum sealer, you can still cook sous vide with a ziplock bag.


Noodles are great, but what if we told you that you could make anything into them? From zucchini to apples, imagine the countless possibilities of adding some veg into your routine with a dedicated spiralizer. It’s a healthy choice, but it’s not boring. It’s also a great way to encourage your young ones to consume more vegetables, which is always a plus.

If you’re struggling for some inspiration, there are so many spiralizer recipes on the internet that really take everyday dishes to the next level, both from a nutritional standpoint and a flavor perspective. Whether you’re opting for a replacement for spaghetti or a new adventurous salad, a spiralizer can really spark some interest in your food.

Olive oil sprayer

Speaking of health, reducing your use of oil can be beneficial for it. It will also save you money, and create nicer, leaner food that utilizes the right amount of oil instead of infinite glugs. Olive oil sprayers are the perfect solution for this, as they allow you to spread oil whenever it’s needed in a convenient manner — just point and spritz.

It’s particularly great if you’re counting calories, as you’ll be able to accurately measure the oil you’ve used. But even if you don’t care about the health aspect, it’s a great way to sprinkle some fun into your recipes. Just infuse your olive oil with a little bit of flavoring, be it garlic cloves, chillies or rosemary, for a new take on your boring oil in any dish. 

Stainless steel soap

Garlic is king. There’s no question about that. Unfortunately, it also smells. In cooking, that smell is mesmerizing. But when it comes to the odor that sticks with your fingers for three days at a time, we just don’t like it as much. Of course, we will never stop using it — so investing in a stainless steel soap bar is smart for any garlic enthusiast. 

It’s a very simple kitchen gadget: a block of stainless steel that’s shaped like a soap bar (thinking about it, it’s in the name). However, it binds with sulfur, which is the pesky cause of the garlic smell, getting rid of it far better than water and hand wash. It doesn’t only work with garlic, too — onions, fish, salami and even smelly fruits like durian and guava can all be avoided with this bar.

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