Best Immunity Boosting Vegetables To Juice When Feeling Sick

Have you ever fallen sick and decided to juice some veggies? Well, you walk gently into your kitchen but the question ‘What is the best vegetable to juice?’ pops up. You’re sick and you want something that would make you feel better and not worse. If this has ever happened to you, then it is worthwhile knowing some fruits and veggies that actually help when you are sick.

Six Vegetables To Juice When Sick

1. Kale, celery, and tomato

When searching for veggies to juice, kale is one green vegetable that you cannot afford to omit. Kale is a leafy green that goes well with other veggies and fruits as well. Kale is a good source of vitamin C, A and K, and mixing it with any other nutrient-packed veggie would definitely boost your immune system.

Here, you would be combining kale with celery and tomato. This is a beautiful combination that will make you feel better. Juice these three notable ingredients, and you would have vitamin A and C, iron, potassium, fatty acid, and magnesium all in one drink. Now tell me, isn’t that awesome?

2. Spinach, Lettuce, And Kale

Here you go! Another combination with kale again. This time, you have spinach and lettuce. Two amazing veggies with nutrient-packed components. You probably already love spinach which is a good thing, which means you’ve been consuming a good dose of vitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidants such as kaempferol, quercetin, and lutein.

In spite of that, adding kale to your greens would mean adding fresh and natural doses of vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin A. this would result in a whole new combination that would naturally boost your immune system. Lettuce is also an important part of this recipe, and pouring in some parsley would mean adding some vitamin B6. As you take your juice, remember you are consuming a healthy dose of vitamin A, C, B6 as well as some iron and calcium. With all these, you are sure to get better.

3. Cabbage

If you want an all in one veggie, then you should try cabbage. While most people have never thought of juicing cabbage, it has proven to be one of the various vegetables with a good amount of health benefits. A cup of juices cabbage contains manganese, vitamins C, K, B6, and other micronutrients. Whether you are feeling ill or not, cabbage is one vegetable you should add to your juicing list.

4. Beets, Carrots, Turmeric, And Ginger

If you are ever in need of something to help you in reducing inflammatory symptoms to its barest minimum, then you really need to try this. The beets, carrots, turmeric and ginger juice can also be of great help to people who have rheumatoid arthritis. A beet contains potassium, manganese, folate, and nitrates.

A carrot contains vitamin A, potassium and biotin. The ginger and turmeric both act as an anti-inflammatory agent. All these work today to help your immune system and make you feel better. If you have flu, coughs or runny nose, then this juice might be the natural remedy you need. It is also important to know that a cup of this juice contains iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and calcium as well as other nutrients.

5. Carrots

While carrots can be combined with other veggies to boost your immune system, there can also be consumed alone. Carrots offer amazing nutrients and it also has a great taste when juiced. Apart from helping you with flu and inflammations, studies show that it can also help with heart disease, eye disease, and some cancer types. This is made possible as a result of the carotenoid which it contains. If you want something with numerous health benefits and great taste, then you should juice and drink some carrots.

6. Broccoli

Broccoli is another veggie with great health benefits. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B6, potassium and vitamin C. Broccoli is also packed with antioxidants that help in dealing with cancer, inflammation and other health-related problems. Broccoli is a great veggie juice when feeling sick, and we suggest that you try it today.

Did you know you can also juice and enjoy these vegetables even though you do not have the flu? There are delicious and enjoyable, and they can help prevent the flu from coming. Nevertheless, if you know someone who is sick and they ask you the question ‘What is the best vegetable to juice?’ I’m sure you can now answer that with confidence. Oh! And you should also take these veggies if you ever feel sick.

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