Are Strategy Games good for the Brain?

If you are going to play a game on your phone, let it be a game that will be good for your brain! But are strategy games really good for the brain or are they just a waste of time? First of all, if you enjoy the game it doesn’t have to challenge your brain to be good for you. When you play a game you might get a boost of serotonin also called the happy hormone, this happy hormone is highly beneficial for your overall wellbeing. It can even give you some extra energy and motivate you to carry on with your daily tasks.

Playing Puzzle Games For The Brain

The best puzzle games are surprisingly often the simplest ones. A colorful game like Toy Crush is easy to learn and yet you can play it for hours on end! All you have to do is match and blast 2 or more cubes to complete a mission and proceed to the next level. By having this game on your phone you will never be far from some healthy brain exercise.

If you match more cubes you can also win boosters but you have to think hard because you only have a limited amount of moves in which to solve the puzzle. You don’t have to be a brain scientist to know that focusing on a puzzle game for a few moments will give you some time off from other thoughts. This in itself is something that can be good for you. You come back to work and other tasks with renewed energy and perhaps also a new outlook on things.

After a few minutes of focusing on colorful blocks and matching them right, you can feel energized which isn’t a bad thing at all at four o’clock in the afternoon on a Monday.

Better Brain Agility

There is research that claims that strategy games can improve brain agility. Cognitive flexibility can be trained by playing fun games. This is important and something that can be very good for your intelligence. Strategy games seem to be able to help you switch between different tasks faster.

So if you are going to allow yourself, and your children, some fun, go for the puzzle games! This might make life a little smoother in your house and should help all of you at work and in school.

Everything At The Right Time

While it might come as good news that you can stimulate your brain in a positive way with strategy games it might not be as good if you overdo it. If you ever played Tetris for several hours in a row you might have noticed that you started to dream about the game.

Playing a puzzle game to the point where you start to obsess about it can have a negative effect. If you know to moderate the gaming for you and your children then the strategy games can be an asset. If not, you might want to think about other ways to stimulate your brains.

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