What Gadgets Are Dropping In 2021?

This year geeks are going crazy over new tech dropping for 2021 with the running theme is electric power sparked by the expected rise of EV technology coming to market in the past year. Automakers are embarking on a growing interest in alternative transport, with legacy brands like Ford and Hummer releasing a plug-in version of their popular trucks. Other recent startups like Nio are seeing a progressively better year. Many are keeping their eye on the NIO price target and are tracking the bump in sales for the next quarter.

But there’s more to offer than wheels for the tech-addicted. With the increase in personal handheld technology, there is a greater need to power up anywhere. London outfit Nolii offers tasteful phone accessories, but their newest drop is a neat replacement to all those miles of cord for different charging cables. The Duo Plug combines a plug-in socket with a USB power pack, turning any outlet into a charging point for your midday battery slump.

With one port for your phone and another for any USB style plug, you can charge your mobile phone alongside a secondary device at the same time, making your next internet cafe stop an ultimate power hour for your devices while you recharge on cafe-au-lait. The magnetic head easily interchanges with the power pack’s body to make it portable and offers a chance at mixing color palettes with the brand’s signature pastels. With your phone all set, don’t forget to focus on your power-up. For keeping track of fitness goals and reaching new ones, Polar Vantage’s V2 fitness tracker watch is fully decked out to map vitals, track miles, and let you know how much longer you need to work to top last weeks limits. Sporting an aluminum case and comfortable silicon interior wristband, the V2 hosts a bevy of programs for health and training.

Track development with the index feature, start strong with a Hill Climber session, and pump up the volume with your favorite playlist uploaded to the SmartTouch screen. After a good workout, ensure your body’s recovering by wearing the monitor at night to track vitals and follow the Fit Fuel app to make sure you recuperate. Sync the watch’s computer with your other mobile devices to keep up with your progress and see how far to the next marathon you have to go. When you’re finished with work and run your laps, it’s always nice to sit back and enjoy a cold one with friends.

What makes the moment even better is knowing you made those brewskies in your small kitchen. Brew kit provider MiniBrew has sold out of earlier models of their Smart Keg home brewing system, and this year’s current model is bound to be a hit. Utilizing temperature-controlled fermentation technology, the Smart Keg keeps the perfect temperature for yeast fermentation and allows for easy monitoring through your phone via a mobile app.

The company offers a wide range of brew ingredients for you to try. If you want to get creative with that family recipe, test it out with the virtual simulator available through Brew Portal, the company simulated brewing lab. Kick back with a nice cold IPA or impress at your next dinner party with a flight featuring English Barley-wine and this year’s newest Saison to bring out your inner beer snob. From the looks of it, 2021 is going to be a leading year for electricity.

Tech developers and retailers are hedging on the push to make life more connected and smarter to accommodate every busybody’s jam-packed schedule. From the time you get up, to your commute to work, to the cafe for a quick coffee with friends, you can’t get sidetracked by a low battery bar with advantages like the Duo Plug in your back pocket.

Running errands or tackling the next half mile makes no difference to the V2 tracker as you cruise to your weekly milestones. After tackling the morning grind and burning calories, feel free to treat yourself sampling your own latest pilsner-esque brew straight from the MiniBrew’s chilled flow. It’s easy to see why NIO doesn’t just offer cars but dips into architecture, planning workplaces with the same aim as their electrified wheels, total technological efficiency for your benefit. Let’s raise a frothy glass to a bright and shiny 2021.

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