Are At-Home Escape Room Kits A Good Idea?

Most games made for friends or family are popular because they mix a lot of strategy and luck with hours of fun. Escape room games are no different except they dispense with the luck and pitch pure intellect with loads of laughter and fun. Additionally, they require friends and family members to work together to solve seemingly impossible solutions.

The reason escape rooms are so much fun is that they also mix a variety of narrative elements with the central task of escaping from a room. Of course, if you do not solve the problem and escape–you die, making the person who solves the problem the hero of the night.

Real escape rooms involve rooms with mechanical puzzles that unlock a door. However, buying an escape room online offers you much of the same fun in the comfort of your home, and not having to drive to a local escape room or pay a huge per person rate (generally $30 to $40 each). 

Because buying an online escape room differs from a real-world escape room, you should consider certain elements, such as puzzle quality, number of players, and theme. In terms of props, many home escape games offer you the ability to print a variety of accessories, making the game that much more fun.

Puzzle quality

Of course, you should look for an escape room that offers a lot of mystery and puzzles. However, it is not widely known that the best puzzles are actually solvable. In fact, creating a solvable puzzle is much more difficult than creating one that is impossible to solve. Consequently, you should look for an escape room that comes with hints that people can use to move the game forward.

Number of players

The best thing about escape rooms that you can print is that they often accommodate multiple players. For instance, a real escape room is typically only good for up to about six people at a time. However, an escape room play at home allows you to include up to 10 to 12 people, making it great for a birthday party.

Custom themes

Theme customization is a core feature of any printable escape room. Depending on the people playing, you can customize the theme to be a fantasy that includes elves or trolls. For other players, you can adjust the theme to center around some science-fiction trap from which people must escape.

Additionally, the escape rooms are developed and incredibly detailed, allowing for the inclusion of murder mysteries that must also be solved.


There is nothing worse in a game for one or two players to have nothing to do. DIY escape rooms allow you to print out a multitude of props.

– newspaper clues

– mechanical instruction manuals

– fictional biographies

– code books

These accessories are critical to engaging everyone. For instance, in terms of mechanical instruction manuals, players can pore over the instructions that go with making a gadget that might open a door. While they work on building the gadget, others can make sense of code books or clues left behind by the puppet master who has trapped them in the room.

Reviews and previews

Buying an online escape room does not have to be a matter of fumbling around in the dark. You can read online testimonials and reviews of previous players. Additionally, many websites that sell escape rooms often give you a flowchart. By reading the reviews and examining the flowchart, you can get a sense of the game, how long it will take, and whether your group of players will enjoy it.

For instance, a flowchart will walk you through the overall strategy of the game and the types of puzzles that will be involved. If people must unravel the code to a book or a combination to a safe, you will know that and be able to determine if your players will like these tasks. If the players do not like combination-based games, you can find one that focuses on verbal skills. Finally, a flowchart will tell you if things must be hidden around the room. Requiring players to physically search a room for clues, such as cards or keys, can make the game much more interactive.

Customer service

Of course, any game should be backed by a satisfaction guarantee, and most of the escape room kits protect your investment in family fun.


– all the elements of the puzzle are pre-created

– allows you to solve the puzzle in your home

– accommodates as many people as you want

– allows group competition

– perfect for groups, camps, and churches

– professional-grade graphics and illustrations

– can be customized for repeated play


– some games might require hints

– might require a colored inkjet printer

Technical requirements

Note: an escape room that requires a color printer will actually be more fun and engaging as artwork and props will be more fun to look at. Knowing the type of printing that is required can simply help you prepare. For instance, you can take the kit to a friend’s house and print it if you do not have a color printer.

Should you buy?

An escape room that you play at home is best if you are interested in hosting a game for friends, family, or kids. It does take a little bit of time to set up, but you can make it fun by providing chips, soda, and other snacks while you, the puppet master, work diligently to set the trap.

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