Can you Do Escape Room When You Are Pregnant?

An escape room is the most interesting and adventurous game. Everyone has an urge to play this game again and again. But there are certain conditions in which you should not play this game at all. 

Now the question arises Can you Do Escape Room When You Are Pregnant?

Well, pregnancy is the state in which you have to be very conscious of your health. Coz now it is about the health of two people and not the one. Therefore, it is the thing you should be very conscious of.

So, without wasting much time of yours, let’s move further and check out the answer to Can you Do Escape Room When You Are Pregnant?

Can you Do Escape Room When You Are Pregnant?

Well, if you are pregnant then you should avoid this game. I will not recommend you to play this game. Some of the rooms also involve crawling, enclosed space, dark, tight corners, stairs, loud noises, as well as potential scares. So, considering your and your baby’s health, I will recommend you not to play an escape room if you are pregnant.

If you are pregnant, and you have to face the darkness or any enclosed space. There is a chance you will not enjoy the game. It will rather be more stressful for you then enjoyment.

If you have any problem during the pregnancy or unsure about it. I would recommend you to concern your doctor before entering into an escape room. An escape room is a healthy game. But under certain conditions, it could be stressful for you.

And I will never recommend you to play this game if you are pregnant. This game is known for its great adventure and joy which it provides. If you’re pregnant and looking for a team-building activity then there is another team building place in orange county.

But there is no point if you won’t be able to enjoy the game, rather get more stress and discomfort then you will have a bad experience and not the fun.


Well, the escape room is a great game, but if you are pregnant then it is not for you. This game is very joyful, provides great gaming experience and great fun. That dark color, stressful riddles, time running out. All these things enhance the gaming experience. But if you are pregnant. All these things will reduce the gaming experience and rather increase more stress for you.

Also, if you are pregnant, you will not be able to cope up with the crawling, enclosed space, tight corners, and loud noises too.

Therefore, you should think of your health first and everything comes after. That’s all from my side. Congratulations on having the most beautiful feeling of pregnancy.

Also, let me tell you that you are most welcome to this game once you give birth to a new life. And then you will have the most rewarding experience and great fun playing this most amazing real-life game. But till then, take proper care of your health as well as the baby in your womb.

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