5 Reasons Why Your Car Heater Isn’t Working Properly And How To Fix It

The car heater hardly gets any credit for its function while it’s up and working. It’s taken for granted that when we turn on the heater on a chilly winter morning, we will get warmth and comfort. We never even bother to test it before winter approaches.

But the humble heater may suddenly turn its back on you. Just like that, it may stop heating one cold wintery day. It’s right then, you may realize how crucial the heater is. Without heating, your car is probably of no use in the winter.

On such a day, you may have to choose between freezing to death while driving or not driving at all. If you encounter an accident in the freezing winter of Alaska at night, you can call Alaska auto collision repair to take care of it.

There are some common causes for your car heater’s malfunctioning.

First things first: Know what runs the car heater

The car heater is actually a whole system of components comprising the heater fan, the core, a coolant system and HVAC controls. The heater core draws in the hot coolant, which is circulated in the car by the fan through the HVAC controls. The cooled coolant is rotated back into the system for heating.

When little things in this system go bust, you may face tantrums from the heater.

Let’s have a look at what could go wrong and how to fix it

Problem with the coolant level

The coolant fluid acts as the medium that circulates heat from the car engine to the heater core. If the coolant level drops down, it won’t be possible for the hot coolant to reach the heater core.

Fix: The coolant level may go low because the engine is overworked. You can easily fix this problem by refilling the coolant while running the heater controls on the maximum. You will have to remove the radiator cap to do so.

Clogged heater core

Sometimes dirt and debris that crop up in the coolant system can accumulate in the heater core. This can lead to a clogged heater core and a jammed car heating system.

Fix: Heater core clogging is not such a common cause of heater dysfunction. But if that’s the case with your care, you would need to get a mechanic’s assistance for replacing or repairing the heater core.

Faulty heater control valve

The control valve forms a part of the simple mechanics of the coolant system. It controls the flow and volume of the coolant into the heater core. If the valve gets stuck, the coolant will not flow adequately and ultimately affect the heating system.

Fix: Unfortunately, it is not possible to repair a faulty heater control valve. You will need to get it replaced.

Air lock in the coolant system

If your car coolant was replaced or refilled lately and still the car heater is not working properly, it is possible that trapped air bubbles may be blocking the flow of coolant.

Fix: Drain out the coolant. Refill the coolant while the engine is running and the heater control adjusted at the maximum level. This will ensure that the coolant system is free of any air lock.

Thermostat malfunction

The thermostat is responsible for activating the heating system in the first place. If the blower is letting out cold air in the cabin then the problem may actually be in the thermostat.

Fix: Once you have given enough time for your car to cool down, you can remove the thermostat after draining out the coolant. Replace the broken thermostat with a new one and refill the coolant. This process may be messy and also tricky. Be sure you follow these detailed steps.     

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