What Should I Do After A Slip and Fall Accident?

In an unfortunate event, if you have experienced a slip and fall on someone else’s property, you may be eligible to receive compensation if you have suffered some major injuries. You need to file your claim within the required time period to claim compensation.

Steps you can follow after a Slip and Fall Accident

You can follow the below steps if you have experienced a slip and fall accident:

Seek Medical Help: Your safety comes first, hence you should seek medical help as soon as possible. Some injuries in slip and fall may become evident after some time passes and hence it is best to consult a medical professional who can diagnose all your pain and injuries. 

Find the Cause of the Fall: Determine what factors caused your fall whether it was poor maintenance on the part of the property owner, or was it an obstacle that caused your fall, or was it a result of errors in the physical layout of the premises where the fall occurred. 

Document the Scene: If you file for a personal injury claim, you will be required to prove liability. Hence, it is important to document the scene to prove who was responsible to maintain the premises that could have avoided your fall. You can collect photographs of the place, which show any obstacles, depict poor maintenance, insufficient lighting, etc. 

Speak to Witnesses: If you are in luck, someone may have witnessed the fall and provide testimony on the events that took place.

File the Accident Report: Each place may have its own reporting policies and you may be required to fill in an accident form accordingly. It is best to consult a lawyer before submitting such information if you have suffered major injuries.

Write a complete recollection of the event: If your lawsuit goes to court, it is best to have a written record of your recollection as it is admissible in court. Ensure to include as many details as possible such as what you saw, how you fell, and include any communication that you may have had with the property owner or employees.

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How much time do you have to file a claim?

The time available to file a claim varies on the state in which the accident occurred, but it can usually range from 90 days to three years depending on if it is a privately owned property or if it is a public property. 

It is always recommended to not speak with any insurance adjusters while filing a claim. Insurance companies are notorious in contacting the victim sooner and trying to provide them with a lower claim compensation amount. Hence, it always suggested to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer and let them handle your negotiation settlements with insurance companies.

How can a good personal injury lawyer assist you?

An attorney has complete knowledge and experience to handle personal injury cases and can fight your case for you while safeguarding your legal rights. Hence, it is best to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer who will listen to you, handle the legal proceedings to ensure you get the maximum available personal injury claim amount. 

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