Top Tips To Score Good Marks In Class 9th International Maths Olympiad 2021

The International Maths Olympiad is a well-known exam that prepares students for a variety of competitive exams. It can be regarded as an initial competitive exam because it will be the first time you will be exposed to MCQs and reasoning problems.

However, by registering in IMO, you stepped outside of your comfort zone to compete on a global scale.

 However, it has several advantages, such as knowing your position in the world, state, zone, and school. It shows you exactly how much effort you need to put in to improve your rank.

And in today’s article, we’ll go over how to prepare for the math Olympiad and achieve a high ranking. So, without further ado, let’s get to the point.

  1. Find the Reason to study 

You may find the headline unusual, but before you begin your IMO preparation, you should understand why you are taking this exam. Because the math olympiad is not a required examination, it is highly possible that you do not study for it thoroughly. However, if you are motivated or have a reason to study, you will be able to practice effectively. It is critical to define your motivation.

  1. Know the exam syllabus

It is impossible to enter a boxing ring without first learning the game’s rules. The same is true for the math Olympiad; if you don’t know the exam syllabus, you won’t be able to get good grades. You should at the very least know which chapters you need to read for your paper. IMO concepts cover both your school’s curriculum and additional topics. 

As a result, your first step should be to become acquainted with the detailed syllabus for the math Olympiad.

  1. Know the paper pattern 

Not only is knowledge of the syllabus essential, but so is knowledge of the paper pattern. Because the format of the math olympiad differs from that of school exams. The Olympiad is divided into two levels, and you will be selected for level 2 if you perform well in level 1. So, study the exam pattern thoroughly because it will help you score well.

  1. Practice logical reasoning problems

In some schools, there are no resources available to help students prepare for reasoning tests. And if you’re in the same boat, you probably don’t have many tricks up your sleeve for solving reasoning problems. You should compensate by answering logical reasoning questions from Olympiad books, online sources, newspapers, and so on. You don’t need much knowledge for this session.

  1. Solve NCERT book thoroughly

Though you should be working on your Olympiad book, don’t forget to work on your NCERT as well, because roughly 60% of the problems in the Olympiad are from your current class. You’re probably confused because many articles claim that their books are superior to NCERT and that you should study them for your olympiad exam. 

So, in addition to the official olympiad book, never forget to solve the whole Math NCERT to achieve a good rank. After you’ve finished it thoroughly, you can move on to another book.

  1. Solve sample papers

“Practice makes perfect,” and practising from reliable sources can help you achieve a certain level of perfection. The previous ten years of sample papers in the IMO exam play a significant role not only in understanding the question pattern but also in identifying your weak areas, increasing efficiency, and working on your time management. So, pick one paper, for example, IMO Sample Paper 1 with Answers For Class 9, and work on it thoroughly. Now, thoroughly examine it to comprehend them,  far more mentioned points.

  1. Focus on concept understanding

Math is a subject that combines theory and application.

 And, to answer the most questions efficiently, you should concentrate on concept comprehension.

And it is common knowledge that you can forget what you learn, but you can never forget what you understand. So, if you want to get a good score on the math Olympiad exam, concentrate on conceptual understanding. 

  1. Study with interest 

Math subjects should pique your interest because they will automatically increase your working hours. However, if we find a subject or topic boring, it is added to our list of weak concepts.

So, try to devote equal attention to each topic in your book. Look up the history of a topic on the Internet if you find it boring. Learning about something’s evolution can pique your interest in it.

  1. Keep formula book and remember formulas

There are several formulas that you must remember to perform well in the olympiad exams. However, remembering all of the formulas is difficult because they are easily forgotten in exams. To deal with this situation, make a formula copy and fill it with all of the formulas. And then go over them again for your mathematics Olympiad exam. As a result, you will never forget them and will do well in your exams.

  1. Join any test series

For the math olympiad exam, several online and offline test series are available. These test series’ patterns are similar to the patterns of your exams. As a result, you should sign up for a test series and study for the olympiad paper. Because it will improve your speed, your ability to write answers, and, most importantly, it will make you aware of your weak points.

  1. Work on weak areas

After taking tests and completing sample papers, you will learn about your doubts and weak points. Don’t put off answering your questions or improving your weaknesses. Understand those topics thoroughly, and practice answering the questions that will be posted to you.


You have done a good thing for your future by registering for the math olympiad, which will allow you to improve yourself. However, don’t be afraid of the olympiad paper and prepare thoroughly. And using the above tips to study for the paper and incorporating them into your preparation can help you improve your position and chances of getting into level 2. At last, best of luck!! For your exam. 

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