5 Gaming Chairs To Help You Dominate

Whether you’re achieving greatness of Destiny with your PS4, are playing Halo on the Xbox One, or are going old school with Sim Tower on your PC, modern gaming isn’t just about your hand/eye coordination. It’s also about comfort, surround sound, and Bluetooth syncing. You could still just sit on your couch and enjoy your audio system, but gaming chairs help you dominate your games like never before.

The modern gaming chair has a number of features. Built-in speakers, USB connections, and Bluetooth v4.0 are just the start of what you can expect. If you’re tired of finishing in last place, then give one of these gaming chairs a try.

#1. X Rocker

X Rocker

This is my preferred gaming chair when space is limited. It folds up so that it can be stashed into a closet and puts you at the right level for the television. Velcro straps keep the chair together and although there isn’t a lot of padding, you can lean back, stretch out your legs, and assume the perfect sniper position. The cords are a little problematic because you’ve got to hook everything up directly, but for the price and the flexibility, you can’t beat what the X Rocker can bring.

#2. Cohesion XP 10.0

Cohesion Gaming Chair

If you’re willing to spend a little extra cash on your gaming dominance, then this model from Cohesion costs about the same as a good video game. In return, you’ll get a little extra comfort and added arm support for those important moments in every game. It also folds up so you can have some extra space when needed and doesn’t tend to rock you all the way back so that you have to work on your core in order to right yourself.

#3. OpenWheeler

OpenWheeler Gaming Chair

If you love a good racing game that isn’t called MarioKart, then there’s a good chance that you get frustrated with joystick and controller commands. A memory lapse causes you to hit R1 instead of R2 and suddenly you’ve got from 1st to 8th place. This gaming chair gives you the full driving simulation experience so that you can win the entire racing series in a realistic way. It’s fully compatible with every gaming system, has a gear shift that can be attached to the chair, and it keeps you stable as you drive. Best of all, it’s a real racing car seat.

#4. Serta Rocket

Serta Rocket

What’s nice about this gaming chair is that the metal supports can be adjusted to put you into multiple positions. You can even lie down flat if you prefer. The chaise lounge design gives your body full support from head to toe so that you can go take care of those bounties and missions that have been driving you nuts. The one downer is that the cover isn’t removable, so bring some stain remover in case you spill your Mountain Dew Code Red on it.

#5. Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture

I’ve sat in a lot of office and gaming chairs over the years as a manager, writer, and avid gamer and I’ve worn out more than my fair share of cheap ones. Not willing to justify $500 on a chair because that’s a lot of grocery money right there, I look for the best mid-range options. This chair from Flash Furniture is easily my favorite multipurpose gaming and office chair. It stands up to high use, is easy to clean when you have a liquid mishap, and is pretty comfortable too. The flip up arms are quite nice and best of all, you don’t wind up with a sweaty back at the end of the day.

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