5 Biggest PS4 Trailers From Sony At E3 2018

The glorious days of E3 are upon us yet again and as the gaming carnival goes ahead full throttle, we are being treated to a blitzkrieg of new and exciting game trailers. One of the most awaited events at E3 2018 has been the Sony Playstation keynote. Boasting some of the biggest and highly anticipated games like The Last of Us II, Death Stranding, Ghosts of Tsushima and Spider-Man, Sony unveiled some excellent gameplay trailers with a couple of surprises stuffed in. Let’s have a look at the five biggest announcements from Sony’s keynote:

Death Stranding

At E3 2018, Hideo Kojima’s utterly bizarre and intriguing Death Stranding showed its gameplay for the first time ever. Starring Norman Reedus (of The Walking Dead fame), the trailer is filled with weird and gruesome stuff- a baby is being delivered somewhere, a toenail yanking scene that will make you squirm so bad, a female ally in Lea Seydoux and scary looking floating, invisible monsters.

From the game’s first trailer, we know there is a lot more to Death Stranding since we saw Guillermo Del Toro in a short scene, as well as Mads Mikkelsen as the primary antagonist. No one has any clue what the game will finally be about and that’s only adding to its hype.

 The Last of Us II

The first Last of Us game was critically acclaimed both for its gameplay and depiction of characters, setting off feverish anticipation for a sequel. The hype has been immense and Naughty Dog did not disappoint at E3 2018. Apart from brutal action demonstrated through the gameplay, the trailer also sprang up a surprise in the form of a tender kiss between Ellie and another female. This is going to a blockbuster hit among LGBT activists.

 Ghost of Tsushima

Developer studio Sucker Punch, popularly known for its superhero adventure ‘Infamous’ brings an utterly magnificent looking samurai game titled Ghost of Tsushima. With its sprawling visuals and gorgeous landscape, the game is set in feudal Japan with a Mongol invasion underway. Combining stealth and absolutely breathtaking (and gory) combat, Ghosts of Tsushima looks like a clear winner as a PS4 exclusive. Get ready for some swashbuckling sword action!


Insomnia’s Spider-Man releases just a few months from now on September 7. The latest trailer at E3 2018 created quite a buzz, showing 10 minutes of spectacular web-swinging action as Spidey slings his way through RAFT, a high-security prison, to pursue Electro. With some thunderous fight and chase sequences, Spider-Man eventually faces off against the inmates and a bevy of classic villains like Rhino, The Vulture, The Scorpion, and Negative Man. The trailer was glorious fun and we are raring to have a go once we get our hands on it!

 Resident Evil 2 remake

For Resident Evil fanatics like me, the best news ever was announced at E3 2018. The remake of Resident Evil 2 is official and we have a scary as hell trailer for it! One of the best Resident Evil games in history (along with Resident Evil 4), the remake mixes nostalgia interspersed with sheer dread and horror.

Taking you back to the familiar locales of RE2, the demo starts with Leon S Kennedy, who is no longer a smartass but a desperate and vulnerable rookie cop who is looking to survive, thus heightening the tension of the game. There are more labyrinthian halls to discover, more frights to be explored, and the environment seems the same but will belie your expectations with a shocking surprise or two. It sucks that we have to wait till January 2019 but it should be well worth it!

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