Xbox Project Scorpio Updates: New Official Headset, Layered Windows UI

Come fall 2017 the Xbox Project Scorpio is likely to become the hottest tech property among fans (unless the rumored PlayStation 5 becomes a reality). With an incredible six-teraflop of processing power, ability to play 4K resolution games, 40 Radeon compute units running at 1172 MHz and eight custom x86 cores at 2.3 GHz, Project Scorpio will be a leap ahead from the 853 MHz offered by the Xbox One and nearly 31% faster than its predecessor. Let’s take a look at the latest updates from Microsoft’s upcoming blockbuster console:

First Official Headset Announced

Premium gaming audio hardware company LucidSound has announced the LS35X Wireless Gaming Headset, the first in its new range of licensed Xbox products with support for Project Scorpio. Here are the standout features of the new LS35X headset-

  • First headset to connect directly to Xbox One consoles, requiring no cables or base station.
  • Has continuous compatibility with past and future Microsoft consoles, since it uses the same technology as the official Xbox One controller.
  • You can use the headset on Windows 10 PCs if you own an Xbox wireless adapter or if your system includes in-built Xbox Wireless technology.
  • Boasts of precision 50mm neodymium drivers to provide an enhanced audio experience.
  • Compatible with Windows Sonic for Headphones surround sound technology, thus offering improved and detailed 3D surround sound.
  • Also features state-of-the-art head tracking technology and is compatible with Dolby® Atmos™ for Headphones surround sound as optional add-on for Xbox One and Windows 10.
  • Has a unique, innovative ear-cup control system that enables the user to smoothly transition between the common controls, thus staying focused on the game.
  • Shipping is expected to start in ‘Holiday 2017’‘The LucidSound team has designed the LS35X as a headset for this generation of Xbox players with the most simplistic wireless capability to date. We believe the Xbox gamer will be blown away by the feature set and quality. This is just the beginning of our announcements for E3 in June and it only gets better,’ said LucidSound CEO Chris Von Huben.

Layered Windows UI Unveiled At Build Conference

At Microsoft Build 2017, the technology giant unveiled a new visual identity called Fluent Design that has been confirmed for PC and console. In the teaser above, you can see the layered Windows concept that Microsoft is aiming for, with stress son speed and relationship between items. One can see the frosted glass effect on the stacked windows, which allows your work to be always visible, contacts are in the front and center, while key buttons light up on each interaction.

This is essential to the overall building structure of the next Windows UI- light, depth, motion, material and scale, also codenamed NEON. So if you are playing any game, say Forza Horizon 3 (as shown in the video), you will be able to open menus and select recently used apps without needing to pause.

Keyboard, Mouse Support For Xbox, Project Scorpio?

As the line between PC and console gaming continues to blur, Microsoft may implement a significant change in gaming- having keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One and probably Xbox Project Scorpio too. At Build 2017, Microsoft’s senior program manager Andrew Parsons stated that Xbox Live Creators Program would give developers the ability to allow keyboard support for their games, and also added later that certain mice would be compatible with Xbox, with full support for all mice expected gradually.

This move, if implemented, will certainly redefine multiplayer gaming, since mouse and keyboard controls give a relatively high level of accuracy in games like Halo Wars or Call of Duty: WWII as compared to console controls.

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