Would You Like a Slice of Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry PI

Being able to learn computing and IT applications is one of the most critical components of a child’s education today. Nearly everything is computerized and nearly everything is connected to the internet in some way today. In order to facilitate that development, consider getting your kids hooked up with a slice of Raspberry Pi.

Or you could just buy one for yourself and have some fun!

Raspberry Pi

What Is Raspberry Pi?

Imagine having a full desktop computer that is smaller than your smartphone. That’s what Raspberry Pi is and you can get it in three different models. The low end model offers 256 MB of RAM and one USB port and is designed to be embedded in our modern technology. From robotics to that toys that turns on randomly in the toy box, Raspberry Pi can improve the experience.

What you’re probably going to want is a slice of the original Raspberry Pi, which today is called “Model B.” It offers 512 MB of RAM, two USB ports, and an ethernet connection. You can use it as a server if you want, work on learning how to code, or just use it to play your favorite game. It has audio circuits embedded into it so you can listen to the sounds of your favorite game or tunestoo!

Starting now, however, there is also the Model B+. It offers a lot of extra options, such as 2 extra USB ports, over the most popular Model B. It’s been constructed to be a much more efficient unit, placing items at the edge of the board and making some room so that it can be mounted. It’s also reduced its power requirements so it can be embedded into more items as well.

Are There Any Add-Ons To Get?

There are a couple of camera modules that you can pick up for your Raspberry Pi if you wish. One is a pretty standard camera that does what you’d expect a camera to do. It’s the NoIR camera that is pretty cool, however, because it doesn’t contain an infrared filter. You can hook it up as a security camera if you wish or you can use it to monitor the livelihood of your plants. It’s particularly fun to experiment with daytime images with this camera! I highly recommend doing that if you get the chance.

It’s the compute module development kit that makes Raspberry Pi a winner. You get the guts of the base module with this kit, but you’re also getting a 4 GB eMMC Flash device that is connected directly to the board’s processor. It’s really easy to design a custom system with this method, even for beginners who are just starting their first build.  The accompanying IO board is also open sourced for your added modifying pleasure!

For an even greater value, however, we highly recommend the CanaKit. It gives you everything you need to get started with your own build and you can realistically have a fully powered computer for less than $100 that isn’t a Chromecast.

CanaKit Raspberry Pi Ultimate Starter Kit

Don’t believe it? Here’s an example!

The purpose of Raspberry Pi might be to bring web design back to today’s children, but you can do a lot with this simple, mobile computer. If you’re ready to get started,  then be sure to download the NOOB software and begin your journey with this beautifully simple, yet innovative computing option. The basic Pi retails for less than $40 right now.

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