Why Your Team Needs A Sales Engagement Platform

In the world of sales, there are a number of tools available that can be used to empower businesses and increase their profitability. At the end of the day, these business management solutions are designed to improve operational efficiency and productivity in order to enhance the customer experience.

You may be familiar with small business customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and automated marketing tools commonly used by businesses. However, you may be wondering, “what is sales engagement, and what is it used for?” Keep reading to find out why this is the next solution that you and your team should seriously consider investing in.

Defining Sales Engagement

One of the easiest ways to understand sales engagement is to understand the sales cycle in simple terms. It all starts with marketing efforts that are meant to promote a product, service, or brand, and increase interest in the public eye.

Once a business has a customer, that’s where CRM comes into play – this kind of software helps to manage and store customer information. It creates customer profiles and analyzes buying trends, all in the hopes of enhancing the way that a company engages with customers.

But there’s a missing step here – how do you turn customer prospects into qualified leads that will eventually buy your product or service? This is where a sales engagement platform (SEP) comes into play.

An SEP is a tool that sales teams use to reach out to prospects in the hopes of turning them into real leads that will eventually become customers. Sales outreach is often a difficult process, which is why companies rely heavily on software that offers many features designed to make a rep’s job easier.

What You Can Expect from Sales Engagement Software

Sales engagement software centralizes a variety of useful sales tools that allow your inside sales team to engage, qualify, and close sales via a single platform. The best SEPs will allow you to automate workflows in order to increase productivity, as well as speed up the sales cycle with automated cadence (whether via call, email, or SMS).

Reps will also be able to easily:

· Leave pre-recorded voicemail messages

· Stay on point with dynamic call scripting

· Follow up consistently with appointment setting tools that include pre-defined email and SMS messaging reminders

· Properly and accurately manage data collection, qualifying, and note-taking

· Track all interactions and outcomes using real-time data

One of the best features of sales engagement software is the automation of the lead routing process, where leads are constantly moved through the sales cycle. Leads are contacted based on their priority and all engagement can be tailored to where they are along the cycle.

Auto-dialing also makes life easier as reps are connected quickly and painlessly to the next best lead. Instead of wasting time entering phone numbers or looking up contact info, they’ll have all that done for them so that they can do their job faster and more efficiently.

Best Investment You’ll Make

SEP gives businesses an essential lead over the competition, so it’s definitely worth investing in. Just make sure you’re choosing the right one that can offer you exactly what you need to get ahead.

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