Improve Your Board’s Performance With This New Technology

We live in an era where fantastic new technology is released on the market pretty often, so businesses need to be discerning and only adopt tools that actually deliver results and drive company improvement.

The innovation doesn’t need to be a paradigm changer around the world, like the smartphone, to be of immense value to your company. Some new inventions are quietly transforming how companies, non-profits, credit unions, Crown agencies, and health organizations get the best performance possible from their leaders.

For many organizations across these sectors in North America, one common solution has been board portal software. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Centralized, Streamlined Communication

Your board needs modern tools to keep connected in a way that keeps directors organized and saves them time, and this is what board portal software is specifically designed to do.

This cloud-based software creates one constantly accessible and centralized location to store all meeting minutes, schedules, and board documents. Your directors can be anywhere in the world: so long as they have an internet connection, they can access all the board material they’ll ever need on their laptop, tablet, or desktop. Check out the industry leaders at to learn about some of the best features in greater detail.

Collaborate from Anywhere

Board directors have extremely busy schedules, and they may not even live in the same city. It’s essential that they have modern tools designed to help them collaborate in the demanding work conditions in which they operate day today.

Board portal software lets directors easily and instantly share flag, and annotate important board documents, no matter how far apart they are geographical. Any time a director changes a document, everybody else’s copy reflects this change and a notification is sent via email. This effortlessly keeps all directors up to date and reduces the time it takes to get everybody caught up for board meetings.

Operate Smoother

Board portal software lets your organization eliminate the busywork of board management: you’ll be able to digitally keep and distribute board minutes, track expenses, monitor attendance, and even call for votes and signatures without wasting paper or your fellow directors’ time.

Cutting back on paper has a few practical benefits: your documents will always be accessible, they will never get lost, courier expenses will be unnecessary, and it helps to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint.

Robust Security

In a time where many organizations have suffered from debilitating hacks and security breaches, world-class security is essential. Board portal software is highly encrypted, and it adheres to independent, third-party security certification requirements.

Every log-in is authenticated, so it’s easy for the company to know that everyone who accessed the system did, in fact, have permission to do so. If a company-issued device should get into the wrong hands, the board portal app can be wiped remotely to avoid a data breach. If this director who lost their device should need to access board material, all they need to do is log-in from any other device.

Competition never rests in business, so it’s essential to get your leaders the biggest edge possible. Keep your directors connected and organized with affordable and efficient tools like board portal software.

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