Why Your Casino Needs A Mobile Version ASAP

The mobile version of the site is a separate version of the site, duplicating the main one. It is a simplified version, as it has a special layout and minimal functionality. All in order to make it as convenient as possible for users to study the site from smartphones and tablets.

Why Do You Need a Mobile Version of a Casino Site?

Why does the site need a mobile version? To reach the largest possible audience. As you know, today almost everyone has a smartphone. But the standard desktop version of the site is not displayed correctly on mobile devices, because many blocks simply do not fit on the small screen of a smartphone or tablet.

That’s why the mobile version is a must for businesses, especially if you want to be listed among the best mobile casinos in Canada, otherwise, your gambling company will lose customers. In 2021, around 50% of players already use their mobile devices for gambling. By 2025, this share is expected to grow to almost 60%. Here are more reasons why you need a mobile version of the site.

The mobile version has simplified code and loads very quickly

This is always relevant because many users still use slow 3G. In addition, even in large cities, there are places where the Internet speed is very low (for example, railway stations), and cumbersome sites are loaded indecently long. And as you know, no one likes to wait.

Search engine loyalty

If a user accesses the site of a casino from a smartphone, Google will first show only those sites that have a mobile version. Such sites receive more traffic – while all others lose potential customers.

The site owner gets more opportunities to interact with customers

If you have a casino site mobile version, you can:

  • set up sending SMS from the site;
  • add the function of reading the QR-code;
  • offer the user to install a proprietary mobile application.

Here are more pros of the mobile version of the site:

  • Fast page loading: Since the mobile version has reduced functionality and is a very simplified version of the desktop version – it loads much faster. Everyone likes this, especially users with slow internet access.
  • Ease of making edits: The mobile version de facto exists separately from the desktop. If necessary, you can make any changes to it, and they will be only applied to the mobile version. And at the expense of the reduced functionality all this is much easier.
  • Convenience for the user: First, the mobile version is perfectly displayed on smartphones and tablets: each element has the desired size, you can see all the blocks, etc. Secondly, it has a simplified design that makes it easier to find the right sections, subsections, pages.

So, if your online casino has not yet got a full-featured mobile version, do not waste your time. This is a must in 2021!

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