Why You Should Use Social Media To Develop Your Personal Branding

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Consumers of the day are changing and it has caused marketing strategies to change. More people make online purchases than ever before. As the trend grows, businesses have to change the way they market themselves.

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If you own any sort of business, sell products, or offer services, then you have a need for personal branding. In this series, I will talk to you about:

  • What is a personal brand
  • How to use Facebook to develop your brand
  • How to use Twitter to engage with your audience
  • How to use YouTube to boost your connection
  • How to use Pinterest to get your brand before the public eye
  • How to build an effective LinkedIn profile

To start off with, we must understand how the consumer market has changed the face of companies and marketing techniques.

How The Consumer Market is Forcing Businesses to Change Marketing

Salesmen of long ago had many tactics they would use to get people to purchase their goods. Those tactics often included pushy techniques and aggression. Consumers of the day no longer put up with those sales tactics.

With the availability of purchasing online, consumers have taken on a mindset that they have a choice when it comes to spending their money. When consumers suspect that they are trying to be sold to, they will likely find another place to do their business.

No one likes to be pushed into a sale. That is why personal branding is an important part of marketing for today’s businesses.

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What is Personal Branding?

Each of us have a unique perspective on life and a personal story of how they got where they are. Personal branding harnesses your story and passions and promotes that as the face of your business.

This is not another slimy sales tactic. Instead, it is asking businesses to put a real face to their company. Then it is requiring real people to build relationships with potential customers. Once a personal connection has been made, the products or services you are selling do not require you to force the sale.

People want to buy from other people. When you build a loyal following, they will actually take over promoting for you, without you even having to ask. We all are looking for others we can believe in.

Who Needs a Personal Brand?

Everyone can benefit from a personal brand, whether they own a business or not. With social media such as it is, potential employers can get online and see exactly what kind of person you are. You have branded yourself whether you know it or not. The question is, will you be intentional about it?

As we go through the series, I will help you understand what you can do to use social media to build your personal brand.

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