Why You Should Use Conferencing Software For Business

Conference calling software is starting to slowly replace the need for landline connections, but why should you move away from a hard connection to a digital one? What can conference calling services to offer your business that a landline connection can’t? We’re glad you asked!

In this guide, we’ll cover some of the great benefits you can get from using digital services. From increased control of your calls to better cost-effectiveness and everything in between, there is a myriad of reasons why you should move your business from landlines to digital conference calling. Let’s dive in, shall we?


Obviously, one of the first things a business looks at is the cost of a service. While hosting conference calls is certainly a necessity for your business, you’re probably concerned that digital services will wind up costing you more down the line than a landline would. Let’s look at the pricing structure of both to determine which is going to offer the greatest value.

Many landlines don’t include long-distance or multi-caller features in their packages. This means that communicating over the phone with long-distance team members is costing you money every time you make a long-distance call. Not to mention, you’re paying out of pocket each time you host a conference call with more than just two people.

Landlines require equipment, as well. You’ll need to run phone lines through the business, purchase phones to use, and maintain your equipment to keep it functioning properly. Overall, landlines are costly and clunky. In fact, most households and businesses have moved away from having static landlines!

Now, let’s look at a digital conference service. A digital calling and video conferencing platform can offer much greater value. You’ll get more services, fewer fees, and perhaps even a lower monthly rate altogether.

Let’s say your current landline is $49.99 per month. You’ve found a digital service that costs the same. With your landline plan, you get:

● Unlimited calling

● Three-way calling

● Call blocking

● Call waiting

● Long-distance pricing

With the equally-priced digital service, you get:

● Unlimited calling

● Up to 500 participants

● Call recording

● Video conferencing

● Cloud storage

● Operator-assisted calls

● Toll-free calling options

● Complete call control (mute, block, add/remove participants)

● No long-distance fees

Are you starting to see the advantages of using web-based services? You’ll get more features for your monthly premium, which makes it a better value than if you’re using a static landline. Can your landline support video calls, up to 500 callers, or call recording? Probably not…


Using web-based conference calling services allows you to host conference calls anywhere in the world. You can allow team members, clients, or business partners from all over the globe to connect to your calls without any hassle or long-distance fees. As long as they have a stable internet connection, they can join the call via the web. Most services also offer a call-in number for those using a phone instead of a web connection.

This level of versatility is both cost-effective and impressive to new clients. Imagine trying to seal the deal with a new client or business partner, only to have your old landline cut out, drop the call, and cause distraction throughout the conversation. With a web-based service, you can even record your calls for later review; which means you’ll learn about where your calls need improvement!

Landlines Are Being Phased Out

There will likely come a day in the near future when landlines are completely phased out, as web-based services take over. The web has connected billions of people and millions of businesses all over the globe, and simply offers a more versatile way to communicate.

If you want to keep up with the rest of the world, it’s time to start thinking about ditching the landline and switching to digital conferencing services. You don’t want to be the only business in your network that still uses a landline, right? Impress your clients, your team members, and potential business partners with a secure and effective means of communication.

Moving Forward

So, you’ve made the decision; you’re switching to digital services. Now what? The first thing you need to do is consider what you need from your new calling service. Some extras include video conferencing and call recording features, but you don’t have to pay for something you’ll never use.

Be sure to research plans and pricing thoroughly to ensure you’re getting a good deal. Not every conference calling service is created equal, so don’t settle for the first one you come across, either. Take the time to see what customers have to say about the services and what the overall cost will be for your business.

Don’t forget to let employees and clients/customers know that you’re making the switch. Give yourself some time to phase out your landlines, and enjoy your new digital conference service!

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