Why You Should Go To The Theatre More Often

Do you consider yourself an art enthusiast? If so, then you probably regularly go to concerts and art exhibits. But, do you regularly visit the theatre?

A lot of people who claim to love and support the arts neglect the theatre, often citing the high ticket prices. However, there are so many benefits to regular theatre-going that you really should engage in it if you are going to consider yourself an art connoisseur.

Even if it means taking out a quick loan so that you can buy season tickets to your favorite venue, theatre-going is always worthwhile, and the more you can engage in it, the better.

Understand Humanity

Theatre sets some pretty lofty goals for itself and its viewers. One of these goals is to help viewers better understand humanity.

And, while that may seem like a huge concept, theatre-going does make it possible. Sure, you might not have a great understanding of people and the world just from taking in one show, but regular attendance at theatrical events can ultimately broaden your horizons in this way.

Every time you take in a new show, you’re taking in a new world, a new setting, and new people with unique thoughts and motivations. The more you expose yourself to diverse characters and settings, the more you will learn and grow. And, over time, you’ll be able to form your own related ideas about humanity and the world in which you live, rather than just being a simple bystander in it.

Forget Your Worries

While much of modern theatre does have some pretty serious aims, not everything about theatre is serious. In fact, many of the shows being produced today, such as adaptations of hit films, are created for sheer entertainment, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

When you are entertained by performance, you get fully immersed in it. This enables you to set aside your daily worries and cares, reducing your stress level and helping to ease anxiety symptoms you may be experiencing.

Theatre is a wonderful, educational escape – one that people in today’s hectic world desperately need.

Have New Experiences

It’s been said that, when you read a book, you “travel” to new places. The same can be said for the theatre.

In fact, one of the great benefits of theatre is that it enables you to experience different places and different situations.

These might be situations you’d never find yourself in real life, which engages your mind to think about what you do or how you’d act given the same situation.

Or, a performance might showcase things you can relate to, which causes you to think about how you might have handled a situation differently or why you handled it the way you did.

The mind is made for experience and thought, and theatre easily provides both of these things to you in a convenient, comfortable package. You enjoy the movie theatre seat in a dark room for a couple of hours, and you walk away from it a wiser, more experienced human. That’s a pretty amazing trade-off!

Theatre is a great thing, and viewing it regularly can add many benefits to your life. So, even if it takes some sacrifice to enjoy the advantages that theatre offers, remember that it’s well worth it. Think of it as an investment in yourself and the person you hope to be. What could be more important than that?

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