Why Do You Need to Invest In Prescription Sports Sunglasses?

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As an athlete it is typical to spend more time outdoors on sports activities and practice. What most people avoid is having injuries, and for a sports person, that can lead to the end of your athletic career. Consider investing in prescription sport sunglasses if you already have a refractive error and use prescription glasses.

If you use contacts or glasses and engage in outdoor activities, you tend to struggle with your eyes on sunny days because of the UV rays.  You will need a UV filter from the sun. 

Sunglasses offer that protection, but you can’t correct your vision with them. Their lenses are solely designed to block the sun’s dangerous UV rays and glare.

The prescription sunglasses’ lenses are made in a way that helps with eye correction while also protecting your eyes from the sun when you are outside.

What are Prescription Sports Sunglasses?

Prescription sports sunglasses literally means how it sounds — they are explicitly designed to meet an individual eye prescription and provide protection from sunlight. You can make your eye prescription into sunglasses for a defense against the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

How to Pick a Prescription Sports Sunglasses?

As every pair of prescription sport glasses is a unique item, while finding suitable prescription sports sunglasses online, there are a few things you should take into account.

The lenses and frames have unique designs and material makeup that are handled individually. Your head and eyes are unique as well. Thus, separate measurements must be taken by you or your optician to ensure a suitable fit.

Bearing this in mind and considering the following suggestions would help you make a better choice while finding prescription sports sunglasses online.

1. Obtain a New Eye Examination

An eye exam guarantees that you have a valid prescription and that your eyes are in good condition. You must mention your pupillary distance when ordering prescription eyewear online to ensure that the lenses’ centers are positioned appropriately.

2. Take a Pupillary Distance Reading

It’s recommended to have your pupillary distance reading to obtain an optimum RX centering for your glasses. 

During your eye test, the optometrists will record this measurement; make sure to record it on your prescription card. When placing an order, utilize this measurement to ensure that the lenses are in the right center for your eyes.

3. Get a Fitting Frame

Uncomfortable and unattractive glasses can result from improper fitting. By selecting the appropriate frame size, you may look and feel fabulous. 

  • Choose sunglasses that fit your shape; strike the right balance with your appearance by selecting a frame shape that contrasts your face shape.
  • Also, consider the material, color, form, and details when choosing a frame for your sunglasses to match your style.

4. Pick Lens Materials

There are three lens materials you could choose for your prescription sport glasses.

  • High-index frames are made of the thinnest and lightest materials, used mainly by people that have higher prescriptions and also for casual wear.
  • Lens materials are resistant to impact,made of polycarbonate and used by athletes.
  • The standard plastic lenses are used for people with light prescriptions.

5. Be Careful With One-Size-Fits-All Stores

While trying to get prescription sport sunglasses online, avoid such stores. Most are not very good at handling complex prescriptions, so you might be paying for adaptations you don’t need.

5 Reasons to Invest in Prescription Sports Sunglasses

Here is the reason you should consider investing in prescription sports sunglasses.

1. UV Rays Protection

The destructive UV rays from the sun can hurt your eyes, perhaps causing cataracts, eye cancer, macular degeneration, photokeratitis (eye sunburn), and growths on the skin surrounding your eyes.

Also, prescription sports sunglasses come in a wrap-around style that completely blocks UV rays, preventing them from penetrating your eyes from the sides.

2. Tinted and Unique Characteristics

When ordering a pair of prescription sports sunglasses online, you have several options for frames and lenses. Tinted lenses or anti-reflective coatings help athletes and outdoor fans by reducing surface glare and enhancing clarity.

Depending on the sport you play, you can also choose a color for the lens tint. Golfers, for instance, can see the ball against the green grass or the blue sky with the aid of yellow or orange-tinted lenses.

You can modify your prescription glasses to fit your particular sport or outdoor activity, whether you’re rock climbing, skiing, running, or fishing.

3. Eye Protection

Many kids and adults suffer eye injuries as a result of sports. You can safeguard your eyes from harm using the best safety prescription sports sunglasses. They are comprised of incredibly tough materials based on shatter-resistant technology. 

Sports involving balls, racquets, bats, sticks, or pucks could be hazardous to your eyes.

4. Fights Glare 

Blinding glare occurs when the sun’s horizontal rays hit a surface like a beach, a body of water, snow, a car hood, or pavement and reflect into the eye. Some individuals may even be more susceptible to glare than sunlight rays. 

By eliminating glare, prescription sports sunglasses give you the ability to see clearly in any outdoor environment.

5. Convenience

You do not have to bother about your prescription sports sunglasses falling off or moving around. They come with a band that fits comfortably on your face. 

Prescription sports glasses also protect your eyes from wind, dust, and other particles so you can focus on the game and not feel unease as a result of troubled vision.


For many athletes, sports glasses are not just a fashion statement but also a necessity. It is not just a matter of taste; you can improve as an athlete by using safety prescription sunglasses for exercise! 

Studies have shown that athletes who have the clearest, most comfortable vision frequently perform better. An athlete’s performance is also enhanced by feeling secure and confident.

You can see more precisely, with more contrast and more precision, with the aid of prescription sports sunglasses. You will undoubtedly discover that it is worth investing in prescription sport sunglasses as it is more practical and convenient.

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