Cryptocurrency News: How 2021 Ended For The Market

Digital money, which includes the world-famous bitcoin and many other types of cryptocurrencies, is extremely popular today. And their demand is constantly growing at an incredible speed, so more and more people are trying to delve into this topic and study it with great interest.

Moreover, the popularity of crypto gambling, which is offered by various platforms, is constantly growing. Among all their variety, the Parimatch service is the # 1 crypto casino in India, which is reputable and has won the trust of millions of users from around the world.

If you also want to dive into the subject of cryptocurrencies and learn how to play on their course, you need to always keep your finger on the pulse and keep abreast of the latest and most relevant news in this industry. We have prepared for you some interesting facts that will certainly interest you.

The most interesting facts about cryptocurrencies in 2021

At first, it is worth noting what interesting points were noted by the specialists of BK Parimatch regarding the use of cryptocurrencies (in particular, bitcoin) on this site. So, according to published statistics, more than 80% of users who make deposits in bitcoins on the website do not place bets with them. According to experts, customers use the Parimatch platform to store coins. Thus, they use the betting operator as their bitcoin wallet.

It all started in January when Parimatch started offering this cryptocurrency as a deposit and withdrawal method. Users quickly accepted bitcoins and over 300 of them made deposits. However, only about 50 users have placed bets and bets with their cryptocurrency coins.

While Parimatch is not disappointed with gamblers using their platform as a way to store their bitcoins, it’s worth assuming that the platform would be happier if these accounts started spending those coins. However, at the moment they are not planning any action against them.

And some more interesting information, facts, and figures about cryptocurrencies that were noted for the current year.

Clayton Gardner, co-CEO of cryptocurrency investment management company Titan, has published interesting data for many. As bitcoin becomes more widespread, he says, he expects more institutions to bypass bitcoin and invest in other blockchains such as Ethereum, Avalanche, and Terra in 2022.

Bitcoin has traditionally not supported complex smart contracts, which are computer programs stored on blockchains, although a major update in November could reveal more potential.

For organizations looking for blockchains that can “bring utility and some intrinsic value over time,” they may consider some other smart contract blockchains.

Bitcoin is still one of the most secure blockchains, but tier 1 and tier 2 blockchains besides Bitcoin will handle most transactions and actions from NFTs (intangible tokens) to DeFi.

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