Why We Should All Be Using Personalized Stationery

What do you do when you receive a gift in the mailbox? Over the past year, the only connection we have is our mailboxes. We received and sent out care packages to our loved ones. We got invited to virtual weddings and sent gifts virtually, too, sometimes. Then, the inevitable happened. We started writing notes again. At first, it was just done on a whim. There was nothing better to do while in quarantine anyway, so why not handwrite notes to your friends and families, right?

Over the years, the idea of personalized stationery is revitalized by one thing: social media. It is true. Even amid the popularity of virtual relationships and digital communication, social media made you look back at things you once took for granted. Social media allows reminiscing and nostalgia, and it is these things that somehow made couples print elegant wedding invitations once more. This is also the reason why families are having personalized stationery with their names printed every holiday season.

And this isn’t only being done for personal reasons. Businesses have started to invest in better-looking office stationery, too. Small businesses—those operating from their living rooms—are also printing and handwriting lovely personal notes to their customers and including those notes in their packages.

It is very easy to do, too. Aside from the fact that there are a lot of companies offering to print personalized stationery, you can also get a customized rubber stamp, so you don’t have to keep on ordering new prints. The best thing about these customized rubber stamps is that they come with a shammy cleaning cloth to make sure the stamps are always clean and legible.

Anything Becomes Personal

When you use your own stationery, things become personal quickly. It also looked like for the recipients that you took the time for them. Even if it’s just a simple one-liner, the recipients will love the feeling of receiving a personalized and handwritten note from you. Most of the time, all you need to do is sign your name on the personalized card or gift tag, but that would still feel nice to anyone who will receive it.

People take the time out of their busy schedules to send you a gift for your wedding. What’s the best response to that? Is it a message sent via Facebook? Isn’t sending a personal note written on your own stationery more appealing to the recipient?

Become More Organized

Professionals such as doctors and lawyers know too well the importance of maintaining that professional reputation and façade. Whenever they have to communicate with anyone via mail or leave a note to their secretaries, it’s important to always do it professionally. Personalized stationery makes you look organized. It is also very professional.

Think of it this way. You are the brand. You are selling yourself as a reputable person. How would people feel if they receive a note from you written on scratch paper? Sure, others might not even notice it at all. But that is the point. You want people to notice you. They should feel that you’ve given thought to what you wrote on that paper. You are a brand and you want your audience to be aware of you.

Adding Power and Emphasis to Your Message

You can give more emphasis to your message when you use personalized stationery. At the same time, the recipients will also give more credibility to your message if they feel that you’ve made more effort than simply send an email. Why are legal statements, court documents, and contracts more impactful to the recipients? Aside from the gravity of what is written in these papers, the fact that they are also printed in legal stationery gives them a sense of permanence. They emphasize the importance of these messages.

People Love Stationery

People, in general, love receiving notes written on personalized stationery. There is something endearing about it. Sending out that note is like putting your best foot forward. It’s giving the recipients a glimpse of yourself. They know that you spent on printing the stationery. The fact that you used it for them means that they are important enough for you. That’s the kind of message you want to send and people hope to receive.

The reason why people become nostalgic around personal stationery is because it reminds them of when they were still kids. Don’t you love writing your name and practicing your signature? Don’t you write notes to friends and turn those notes into paper airplanes that you can they “fly” across the classroom? Letters are eternal. Personalized stationery makes them even more memorable.

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