Why Online Casinos Are Becoming Even More Popular With Gamers

A few years ago, video games were thought to be something played by children or teenagers, and the market wasn’t thought to be extremely successful. However, in recent years the video game industry has exploded, with an estimated 2.7 billion gamers around the world. The global industry is worth around $159.3 billion, including the mobile gaming industry which itself is worth $77.3 billion. Alongside this success is an industry that provides a similar kind of entertainment: gambling. The gambling industry has seen a huge burst in popularity and success which continues to climb, and today is worth $443.2 billion globally. 

With a third of the world’s population playing video games and half of the world’s population gambling, the two industries are seemingly beginning to merge together. Many gamblers are gamers and vice versa, and there are a few reasons why online casinos are becoming even more popular with gamers. 

Visually Stunning Games

If you were to ask someone to picture an online casino, they would most likely think of the classic slot symbols and table games such as poker using solitaire level graphics. This might be true for a small fraction of the thousands of casinos on the market, but it most certainly isn’t for the overwhelming majority. Online casinos these days provide games made by the best online casino game developers in the industry and use sophisticated graphics. To put it quite simply, gambling online doesn’t feel like gambling, it feels like gaming. You only have to take one look at the likes of Jackpot Casino based out of New Zeeland to see they are putting some serious effort into their games. They have a selection of over 400 games according to casinoreviews.net.nz, with each game having a unique feel.

Even slot games use high-quality animations and effects, with complicated scripting. One need only look to the innovations the gambling industry is making by using virtual reality technology. The world’s first virtual reality online casino was launched in 2016, and the visuals look almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Another great example would be virtual sports, with graphics matching the quality of actual gaming titles such as FIFA 20 or NBA LIVE 19.

Introduction of video game elements

Some casinos are completely breaking away from the traditional format of online casino games by introducing video game elements. A few new Japanese-styled casinos have introduced elements of RPG’s (role-playing games), such as levels that need to be beat in order to progress, which include ‘boss fights’. 

These levels are presented on a map that is traveled while playing. There are even different maps that players can play on, with each level and game matching the theme of the specific map. Some of these games even have storylines that progress as players beat levels, which add a whole new level of immersion to online casino gaming. 

In addition to all of this, many online casinos now have anime-styled characters, which are popular amongst many gamers, that act as a guide to new players and show them around the site. 

A reward system

One thing that almost every video game shares, regardless of the genre, is a reward system. Something that rewards gamers for their time spent playing the game. This can be anything from loot boxes, skins for characters, unlocking new characters to play with, new or better gear or bonus/secret levels. 

Online casinos offer something similar such as welcome bonuses or promotions, and a system that rewards players for continued play with things like free spins or money to be used on the site. 

The newer games offered by the above-mentioned Japanese-styled casinos even offer chests upon defeating a boss which contain rewards such as free spins or coupons to be used. 

With online casino games now using state-of-the-art visuals that are comparable to actual video game titles, it is no surprise why many video gamers are patrons of online casinos. The gambling industry has realized that the newer generations of gamblers want something more than what the traditional games provide, and are taking advantage of every technological upgrade available. This is easily seen through the use of virtual reality technology. 

By introducing video game elements into casino games, it makes the games more relatable and attractive to gamers, since these are elements that they know and love. Reward systems are incredibly important for video gamers as it gives them something to look forward to, as well as a reason to continue playing. By introducing these mechanics into online casino games, it serves a similar purpose. 

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