Why Is James Bond So Synonymous With The Casino Lifestyle?

What comes to mind when you think of James Bond? For some, it’s the flashy suit. For other people, it’s the signature Martini cocktail. The films are also synonymous with casinos and tense games. Many 007 classics have been set in and around the backdrop of a high-end casino. The author of the James Bond novels, Ian Fleming, was said to love a visit to a casino.

The popularity of casinos across the United States

A visit to a casino is an activity enjoyed by millions of Americans. This popularity has meant developers designing online games to suit all tastes. Many aim to replicate the look and feel of a ‘real-life’ casino. Perhaps some were even inspired by those featured in the Bond films.

The sheer popularity of casino gaming can be seen when looking at the best USA online casino games. Online casino gaming is growing in popularity across the world. This is partially down to the incredible amount of games and websites available, many of which are competing against each other by offering the best bonuses possible. Gamers are also utilizing modern technology to try and recreate the casino experience in different settings. 

How have casinos been used in Bond films?

Let’s take a look at some of the best casino scenes in Bond films then. Aside from the obvious choice, Casino Royale, you could also look at the likes of Diamonds Are Forever and Dr No. Both of these films contain high stake games in slightly different settings. Then there are the likes of Skyfall that are set in modern settings. 

Dr. No was Bond’s first outing on the big screen was partly set in an old-school and classic casino based in a fictional part of London. What’s interesting as well is that you can see how casino gaming has changed throughout the James Bond franchise. One particular clip from Dr. No shows what many people would have expected in a casino in the 1960s.

Several decades later when Skyfall was released, you can see the differences in how casinos look across generations and cultures. How does this Macau Casino compare to the one you might have visited recently?

How else have they been used in popular culture?

Whilst being synonymous with the James Bond 007 franchise, the tension of casino gaming has formed a key part of the plot of many films and TV series. Movies such as Uncut Gems have utilized the casino setting in a more modern setting.

Casino or gambling settings have also proven popular in TV sitcoms. Memorable episodes of Friends and How I Met Your Mother have also been set amongst the hustle and bustle of a casino. 
Casinos have also been utilized heavily within the music industry. Who will ever forget the iconic ‘Viva Las Vegas’ from Elvis Presley? The song celebrates casino and Las Vegas life.

Will it continue to be a source of inspiration?

Whilst some of the research mentioned above does indicate a move to playing more casino games online, it will still be an enjoyable activity for many. In the long-term, as long as people continue to enjoy and visit a casino, writers will use them as the forefront or backdrop for many films, TV series, and even video games.

It will certainly be interesting how casinos are used in the latest installment in the 007 franchise. The upcoming film, No Time to Die, will be released across the United States in October 2021.

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