Why Internet Speed Matters

Bandwidth is a term that stands for the amount of data being transferred. The amount of data being transferred is measured in gigabit or megabit per second. Many businesses rely on fast internet speed to function properly and there have been many of what kind of connection is best suited for the best results, mainly between copper and fiber optic cables.

Copper and fiber optic transfer data in 2 different ways. Cooper sends electrons to transmit data, while fiber optics carries the data through light waves. Transmitting data through a fiber optic cable has become the standard, the reason being its reliability and the secure transfer of data.

Fiber Optic vs Copper Cables

Over time, fiber optic cables have steadily replaced copper cables as a better means for transferring information. With lesser latency and little data loss, it has become a standard way of transmitting information and plays an important role for businesses.

Installation of fiber optic cables is more seamless and less complicated due to its resistance to electromagnetic waves and because it is less corrosive it is more resistant to damage over time. Fiber optic acts as a guide, leading the light away from the source to its destination.

Security is an important factor when it comes to data transfer and fiber optic cables manage to perform better in this regard. While copper and fiber are equally vulnerable in terms of security, fiber optic cable is known to perform better than copper, as getting information from them is much harder.

Many businesses of today rely on fast and stable internet speeds to operate properly. Online operations such as communications and maintaining good relationships with partners, as well as using the online space for advertising. With the help of the internet, businesses can have a huge presence online and it is the ability to be seen by many. When it comes to fiber optic cables, they can reach a speed higher than any cooper one could ever do and low internet speed can greatly affect the workflow of business employees.

Services and Cloud-Based Tools

SaaS tools or Software as a Service and cloud-based services can be very restrictive with slow and unstable internet speeds. Many, if not all businesses use cloud-based services in some form or another and as more businesses are adopting the cloud into their workflow, the speed that fiber-optic cables provide is critical.

Transmitting data over long distances is greatly impacted by cooper cables, as the signal degrades over long distances. Fiber optic cables can transmit data at longer distances and achieve symmetric speeds, a term used when the download and upload speeds are equal. Entertainment services such as streaming and online games also rely on stable internet connections that fiber optic cables can provide.

For example, many games require internet connectivity to provide some sort of service, from leaderboards to multiplayer activities and also the distribution of updates and DLCs. Internet-based gaming such as online casino games requires a constant internet connection to be able to play. The speed required for different games to play will greatly vary. Online casino games such as the social casino, Slotpark Online, can be comfortably played on any Wi-Fi connection, however, when it comes to professional gaming such as eSports or other multiplayer gaming competitions, fiber-optic cables are a must to ensure a no latency and stable internet connection.

Fiber optic cables have become a norm not only in businesses but in-home usage as well. Unlimited bandwidth, little latency, and security are a few of the reasons why fiber optic cables are best used for stable and fast internet connectivity.

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