Why Are More Patients Turning To Medical Marijuana For Arthritis?

Almost no one is immune to the inconvenience of aches and pains, especially as they become older. Medical marijuana has become a popular option for patients suffering from the severe inflammation associated with arthritis.

Medical cannabis has been shown to better handle not only the basic symptoms of arthritis but also the side effects of having a long-term severe condition, such as mood swings and a lack of appetite. 

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What is Arthritis?

The word “arthritis” literally means “inflammation of the joints.” It’s commonly used to refer to any condition that affects the joints, despite the fact that joint inflammation is an indicator rather than a particular diagnosis. Joints, such as your elbow or knee, are sites where two bones connect.

Arthritis comes in a variety of forms. Additional organs, such as the eyes, heart, or skin, may be impacted in some arthritis-related conditions. Most people with arthritis can now live active and productive lives thanks to contemporary medications.

Medical Marijuana’s Effect on Arthritis Pain

Medical marijuana is a natural, cost-effective alternative to standard arthritis pharmaceuticals, with none of the side effects associated with traditional prescription drugs. 

Many individuals suffering from arthritis are rapidly turning to cannabis to relieve their pain. Each state has different laws, so please check your local laws about buying and using medical marijuana. For example, you must obtain a New York medical marijuana card online in order to buy cannabis within New York state. But in Texas, your best bet is to visit Elevate Holistics to get a medical marijuana card.

Through the use of medical marijuana, these individuals have had excellent results, including decreased pain, reduced usage of other drugs, and better mobility.

Benefits of Medical Cannabis for Arthritis

CBD is the most commonly used active element in the cannabis plant to treat arthritic pain. Inflammation is known to be treated by CBD, one of the main compounds in marijuana. 

Cannabinoid receptors in human bone, on the other hand, have been demonstrated to repair bone tissue in studies. 

As a result, marijuana has the potential to restore bone development. Many arthritis sufferers who have taken CBD have claimed pain reduction. They’ve also found that cannabis has helped them with anxiety and sleep.

Bottom Line: Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat or Alleviate Arthritis Pain?

Medical marijuana can help with inflammation and joint discomfort. It’s also frequently used to boost appetite, alleviate insomnia, and improve your mood.

In a 2005 Americans for Safe Access booklet titled “Arthritis and Medical Marijuana,” Ethan Russo, MD, Senior Medical Advisor of the Cannabinoid Research Institute, stated:

“Patients have informed us for years that medical cannabis has helped them manage their arthritic diseases.”

Everyone is different and has their own set of symptoms. You still need to see your doctor about the type of treatment or product to help manage your condition.

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