When To Call A Canoga Park Pool Remodeling Service?

If there’s a pool, there is an undeniable need for maintenance.

While small-scale repairs require some hours of your weekend, complex situations will invariably require professional help. And that’s when you should get in touch with a pool remodeling service.

But even before you can make that call or write that email or text, you should be able to identify the signs that will make you think about remodeling in the first place. So today, we’ve compiled a list of the most common reasons why homeowners opt for remodeling. Read on and see for yourself if it’s time to contact one.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

When to Call A Canoga Park Pool Remodeling Service?

From repairing damages to upgrading features and changing the structure, there are various reasons why you’d call upon a Canoga Park pool remodeling service. So, in the following sections, we walk you through some of them.

1. Structural Damage

The problem of broken tiles, peeled plaster and discoloration can go well beyond just affecting the appearance. It’s not unusual for surfaces to wear out after prolonged use. Moreover, the addition of chemicals for water treatment purposes damages the flooring. In the long run, the water may seep through and corrode the metal structure, fixing which will cost way more than remodeling.

Hence, it’s better to repair any cracks beforehand to prevent leaks. Moreover, broken tiles or uneven flooring also increase the risk of injuries. That said, you might not always need a full remodeling. A simple retiling or resurfacing can also do the job. But that’s a decision best left to the professionals.

2. Rough Pool Wall Structure

Worn out walls can make your pool look older than it is. Upon constant exposure to chemicals, UV rays, and varying temperatures, even the best quality concrete can get damaged real quick. Thus, your Canoga Park pool remodeling service may suggest resurfacing with tiles, pebbles, quartz, or other finishes for reinforced protection.

Again, trust the experts for chemical balancing the water to maintain ideal pH levels.

3. Outdated Equipment

Older filters, pipes and pumps don’t make operating a pool any easier. Generally, pumps more than a decade old are not equipped with the features of modern systems. Thus, investing in modern equipment will result in better energy efficiency.

In fact, modern pool pumps save about 30 to 45% energy. Sure, it will require an investment, but the best Canoga Park pool remodeling service will get you the ideal system according to your needs.

4. Installing Safety Features

When a kid learns to crawl, parents often engage in childproofing the house, and the same goes for your pool. Once your child gets old enough to swim, that’s the time to safeguard your pool. Besides, your guests might also bring in their children for the quintessential weekend get-together.

One of the basic things to do is installing a fence around the pool’s perimeter, which should be not less than 4-feet high. For more advanced options, the Canoga Park pool remodeling service may suggest a self-locking, self-closing gate with safety signals to notify you of forceful entry. Additionally, getting underwater motion sensors will trigger an alarm if someone accidentally falls into the pool.

5. Upgrading Features

When it comes to upgrading the features, the possibilities seem endless! With the help of your Canoga Park pool remodeling service, you can install LED lights, fountains, or even slides to make your swimming sessions all the more enjoyable. Sun-shades provide kids with the ideal depth to swim around unharmed while you get tanned in the summer sun!

Getting a step ahead, you may also think about installing a spa adjoining the pool or near the deck. The depth of the water here is ideal for relaxing without sinking in deep. Furthermore, spas are often accompanied by water jets that create a pressurized water flow for calming message-like sensations.

Another upgrade that has become especially popular for larger pools is the installation of baja steps. These are large, shallow expansions, which easily accommodate large pool umbrellas and furniture that allow you to soak up the sun for weekend unwinding.

6. Changing The Appearance

As far as modifying the look is concerned, there are multiple options to explore. Firstly, you may consider changing the tiles and flooring to create a revamped look. Another option is to alter the depth, which may be done for safety, therapeutic, or athletic purposes. Plus, reducing the depth also cuts down on costs as you will require less water and low capacity pumps.

Homeowners may also decide to change the shape of the pool. However, this decision should also take into account the intended use. For example, a rectangular shape should be considered if you want a lap pool. Likewise, to accommodate an adjoining spa, the pool should have a ‘figure 8’ shape.

Apart from that, stubborn stains and smeared surfaces spoil the look of the pool. Although heavy-duty cleaning should remove them completely, severe cases may require a total change of the tiles. Metallic stains, in particular, are hard to get rid of. Similarly, the development of algae can cause unwanted marks that are difficult to deal with.

Depending on the requirement, your Canoga Park pool remodeling service will quote a budget and a time frame. Ensure that it is reasonable and doesn’t stretch much beyond your expectations.

Final Words

Pool remodeling is an essential form of maintenance, and with the best Canoga Park pool remodeling service, the advantages only increase.

Hence, choosing a service for the job shouldn’t be done in haste. Conduct sufficient research to ensure that the service is worth investing in.

Furthermore, we’d advise getting quotations from multiple companies so that you have a fair idea about average costs. And when you decide on one, get all your queries solved by qualified personnel. After all, you should know the process that your pool is about to undergo.

This brings us to the end of today’s guide. But before we take your leave, here’s a quick pro tip: renovate your pool during the spring, so that those summer outings don’t get compromised.

So long!

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