What To Play This Christmas Instead Of Scrabble, Charades And Trivial Pursuit?

In every generation, board games have made the childhood of every child memorable and nostalgic. Even in today’s high-tech gadget-loving digital world, people still enjoy a lot to play board games during their leisure time and especially Christmas.

During the festive seasons traditionally people choose to play Monopoly, Scramble, Charades, Taboo, and Trivial Pursuit. Some of those games are dozens of years old and since then, the board game world has been saturated with more engaging, more refined and better board games in general. If you are looking for a perfect Christmas themed board game this season, I suggest checking the latest board game reviews for alternatives.

We are sure new games will leave Monopoly, Scramble, Charades and Trivial Pursuit on your shelves this holiday season. So let us discuss some of them which you can play with your family and friends.

❖ Timeline instead of Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit was born in 1979 and was an overnight success. A lot of things have changed since then, yet many families find it great to spend some family time together. As an alternative, you can pick any version of Timeline, which

we believe is more engaging, fun and visually appealing. Instead of answer-ing direct questions, you are asked to guess world events and place them correctly on the historical timeline amongst other events.

❖ Wordsy instead of Scrabble

Everyone knows Scrabble and partly it is due to the board game dating all the way back to 1938. A lot of games have tried to take Scrabble’s space, but no one has managed to get even close until Wordsy has emerged.

Throughout the rounds, players study the 8 letters on the board in real-time. The first player to write down a word flips the timer. That player is now the fastest player, and every other player now has time to write their words, try to beat the previous record, and score some points. Unscramblex is a great tool that can be used to find the highest scoring words for games such as Scrabble and wordsy

Once time has run out, the fastest player scores their word by counting the point value of each of the matching letters on the board.

❖ Santa’s Renegades:

A multiplayer game that you can play and have fun with your family. Basically, the game is to race with other Santas from the starting point and distribute gifts all over the city while seizing the path of other Santas. But in the journey, you have to be cautious of the candy cane path. It consists of tricky twists and turns. The first one to reach the north pole will be the winner. It is a 2-6 player game.

❖ Santa Vs Jesus:

This board game of Christmas is a complicated fun-giving game with at least 4 to 16 players at max. The game has two teams, and each team has a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 8 players in it. All players have a specific character name, and they can choose it. The aim of the two teams: SANTA and JESUS is to collect as many believers as required to prove that they are worthy to rule Christmas.

Now the players have to call others by their character name. If one makes a mistake while calling out the names, the corresponding team will lose one believe card. At first, both teams will start with 8 believe cards. As the game goes on, new challenges, riddles, quizzes and many more will turn up. If a team fails to do any task, they will lose one believer.

❖ Rudolph’s Christmas Journey:

This winter game revolves around three characters or players: Rudolph, Her-mey the Elf, and Yukon Cornelius. Their job is to find all the misfit toys and give them to Santa so that he can set all the toys to be distributed among children. The Christmas Carols will not start until the brave trio returns to the north pole. So the aim is to collect all the misfit toys and return as fast as possible. The first to reach Santa wins the game.

❖ Snow Tails:

This game is a sled race with many hurdles and obstructions. The players are sledders who have to cross all hurdles with skills and endurance. Losing con-trol or getting off-track may acquire the player a dent card that limits the player. It is a 2-5 player game.

❖ Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries

The winter-themed board game is the game that is to be played with strategy and skill. Well, it’s easy to learn. The board consists of sets of railway tracks and each player has to build track routes. The longer the tracks will be the more points the player will get. If a player fulfills the destination tickets, he will get goal cards. The maximum number of cardholders and point holders will be the winner. It is a 2- 6 players game.

Wrapping up:

Many board games are introduced for so long in the market. Be it winter or summer, autumn or springboard games can give us ecstasy anytime any-where if we play. I hope, the above-said tabletop games will help you to spend a lovely Christmas evening with your family and friends

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