What Is Reckless Driving? A Simple Guide

We’ve all heard stories of crashes on roads, collisions, and scrapes between vehicles, the injuries sustained and the tragic loss of life. You may have also heard of the term reckless driving, which sadly is the leading cause of many accidents on the road. 

Reckless driving costs lives and it also causes long-term suffering and painful injuries for those involved – legal companies, like this firm are often contacted by those looking for a lawyer after an accident. But what is meant by the term ‘reckless driving’ and what does it actually mean? Here we’ll look at a simple guide to reckless driving.


Another leading cause of death and injuries on the road, it also a form of reckless driving and you will be receiving a speeding ticket. When a motorist is speeding, it means that they’re going over the speed limit and putting others at risk. When you speed, it means you have less time to react to hazards and other motorists, making it more likely that a crash will occur.


We’ve all felt the frustration that comes with being stuck behind a slow, overly cautious driver. However, tailgating is an offense that is classed as reckless driving. If the car in front of you suddenly brakes, then you’re going to go into the back of them and have no chance to stop your vehicle in time. This could cause damage and injuries to people in both vehicles. 

Ignoring traffic signals and signs

Speeding up to get through the lights before they turn red, ignoring stop signs and failing to give way at junctions, are all examples of ignoring traffic signals and driving recklessly. All drivers should adhere to the rules of the road, even if they’re in a rush. These kinds of actions usually cause accidents on the roads, putting other road users at risk.

Overtaking dangerously

Often, there are rules and road markings that warn you against overtaking on certain roads. Usually where there is low visibility such as on bends and on hills. However, if you choose to ignore these rules and you cause an accident, then you may be charged with driving recklessly. 

Distracted driving

Driving whilst distracted is incredibly dangerous, it also puts the lives of others at risk. Distractions come in all forms when behind the wheel, whether you’re using your phone, turning in the backseat to speak to someone, eating, drinking, even applying makeup. If you’re caught doing any of these things or cause a crash due to them, then you will be charged with reckless driving. 

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