5 Best Master Data Management Vendors

When you are trying to choose the best master data management vendor, you need to understand how these companies do business, who they work with, and how they can help you. You should not pick the first company you find because you will likely need more information before spending money on an MDM system. Continue reading to learn about vendors that can provide you with the services you need. They all work with amazing brands, and you can choose the one that suits your business best

1. Dell Boomi

Gartner MDM talks about different types of MDM services that you can use and one of the best in Dell Boomi. Dell Computers is one of the largest companies in the world, and many businesses have invested millions to provide Dell products to all its employees.

Using Dell Boomi allows you to interface with your existing machines, and you can easily set up this system to mine data from all your devices. When you are using Dell Boomi, you get great customer service, and you can maintain a level of consistency because you are already using other Dell products.

2. Informatica

Informatica works on the cloud as it handles your data, and it allows you to give access to everyone in your office in moments. The Informatica platform is far less complicated than other systems on the market, and it can provide you with folders, encrypted folders, and categories of data that are easy to use. You can allow this program to mine all your existing data for organizational purposes, or you can set up an automation that will send the appropriate data to the right places.

Your staff will have instant access to all the information they need, and you can lock people out of folders they should not see. Gartner MDM recommends this platform because it puts everything on the cloud in a simple manner. You do not want to confuse your staff when you ask them to access data or create reports, and they can easily find what they need in the simplified Informatica cloud.

3. Microsoft MDS

Microsoft created its data management system so that they could work with existing customers. Companies often use Microsoft products every day to complete their work, and adding the Microsoft MDS is an easy choice for these companies. If you are thinking of migrating to Microsoft email and other services, you might also want to use their MDS.

You get complete control of your systems, and you can easily organize your data because Microsoft was one of the first companies to simplify how computers are used. You get excellent customer service, and you can easily integrate other Microsoft programs that will feed data to the MDS. This might be the simplest system for you to use because you are very familiar with how Microsoft products work.

4. Infosphere

The IBM Infosphere is an MDM that will simplify much of what you do. IBM was the first computer company to have its hands in everything from NASA to the central banks of the world. This company knows how to manage data, and the Infosphere helps simplify how you search for data, helps you centralize your data, and helps you find reference data when needed.

IBM understands how much data you can collect, and Infosphere was built for even the largest companies that need help managing their systems. If you already use IBM computers or machines in your office, the transition to the Infosphere will be seamless.

5. Oracle Product Hub

The Oracle Product Hub allows your company to merge all the information that you have about your products in one place. The Product Hub can mine all the data you have to find the information that fits each product. You can continue to organize that data as much as you want, and you will never miss any of the data that is needed. Because it looks and feels like the cloud, the platform is much easier to use.

This is especially important when your company is trying to decide which products to keep or drop. You need to see all the information on the product include how it sells, how it is produced, and even how it is purchased around the world. Oracle also allows you to integrate with other systems they have built for businesses. If none of these work for you, you can always check out Oracle Demantra


Choosing the appropriate MDM is important because it allows you to collect data without confusion. Your business likely employs thousands of people and generates millions of tiny pieces of data every day.

Using an MDM ensures that you have access to your data, it is organized, and you can easily understand the trends within your own business. You simply cannot collate and tag all this information on your own. You need one of the MDM vendors above to help you save time and money.

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