Creative Ways To Customize The Look Of Your Vehicle

Buying a new car is an exciting ordeal. Driving off the lot after getting the keys is exhilarating. However, most of the vehicles at a dealership look the same. There may be different paint choices or interior fabrics, but even those options are limited. There are many ways to customize a vehicle. Whether a driver wants to modify the body or keep out the sun, they can get help at Here are some of the most creative ways to change the look of any vehicle:

Choose the Right Vehicle

While exploring creative customizations for your vehicle, starting with a car that already has a unique design can make a world of difference. A visit to a reputable Dodge dealership can introduce you to models that are both stylish and customizable, laying the perfect foundation for your personalized touches.

Protect the Existing Paint Job

Vehicles are constantly exposed to the elements. The sun beats down on the body all day, and the wind leaves behind traces of dirt and debris. Both these situations can make the paint wear out prematurely. Scratches and dings are common occurrences in parking lots. Even driving down the road can put a car in jeopardy. All it takes is one stray rock to damage the paint. That’s why it’s so important to protect the paint as best as possible.

Drivers who want to extend the life of their car’s paint job should consider applying a layer of paint protection film. This transparent film is both scratch and crack-resistant. A single application can last for several years. It can protect nearly every inch of a vehicle, including the hood, roof, bumper, doors, and headlights. Those annoying scratches from everyday driving will become a thing of the past.

The application process is straightforward, but it’s best to leave the job to the professionals. Before applying the film, the vehicle’s surface must be cleaned and dried. Skipping this step will affect the results. It takes several coats, and trying to rush things could cause the film to bubble. After the film has enough time to dry, it’s safe to drive as usual.

Pick Out a Daring Color

The most common car color in the US is black. White comes in a close second. It seems most consumers prefer neutral hues. However, there are plenty of drivers who would rather have a bold, daring color. There’s only one problem; most people find out the hard way that repainting a vehicle is a long, tedious, and expensive process. That’s why car wraps have grown in popularity.

A car wrap is a vinyl cover that fits snugly around the vehicle’s body. It covers the existing paint color completely. Car wraps are fully customizable, and there are no design limitations. Drivers can choose from a wide array of colors, including basic silver to neon green. Those looking for something even more eye-catching can even opt for a colorful geometric pattern. The sky is the limit!

Installing a car wrap takes less time than applying a new coat of paint. Professional wrappers can complete the job in a few days, followed by a 12-hour rest period for the film to set. Vinyl wraps are incredibly durable. As long as the driver takes good care of their vehicle, a wrap can last for up to five years. When it comes time to replace the design, drivers can easily remove the vinyl without damaging or scratching the paint underneath.

Marketing is another advantage of car wraps. Buying corporate vehicles is a huge investment, and most brand owners want to make sure their cars stand out on the road. Instead of placing a magnet on the door, many opt for a full-body car wrap. They can design the vinyl to feature their company’s name, logo, and contact information. Since wraps are cost-efficient, many brands change them throughout the year to advertise different promotions.

Hide Behind Dark Windows

There’s nothing worse than getting inside a car on a hot day. The metal on the seatbelt can burn a driver’s hands, and holding the steering wheel is a test of endurance. It’s impossible to get rid of the sun, but reducing the temperature inside a vehicle is possible. Window tinting is a car’s ally during the hottest days of the year. This dark film prevents the sun from penetrating the glass, lowering the overall temperature.

Although everyone needs sunlight, too much of it can be detrimental to a person’s health. Since tinting blocks the sun, there is also evidence that it can prevent skin cancer and premature aging. Prolonged sun exposure can cause fabrics to fade or split. Dark windows also protect the car’s interior. 

Privacy is another reason many drivers opt to tint their windows. OEM glass is very light in color, and anyone passing by can easily peer inside a vehicle. Those who travel with expensive equipment, like computers or phones, want to make sure these items are out of sight. Criminals are more likely to break into a car if they can see something of value inside. Tinted windows help conceal a vehicle’s contents, making it less appealing to bad guys.

Tinting involves adhering a dark film to the inside of the car’s glass. The film comes in varying degrees of darkness, ranging from 5-70 percent. This number is called the visible light transmission percentage. It indicates the percentage of light that’s able to penetrate the film. The higher the number, the lighter the glass. By law, all tinted windows must have the percentage printed somewhere on the glass.

Standard vehicle glass does block some UV rays, but most people want even more sun protection. While many drivers agree that darker is always better, local tinting laws and regulations may limit how dark you can go. The average person is unaware of these laws, and that’s why letting a professional apply the film is always preferable. Besides, a shoddy tint job may result in bubbling, peeling, and discoloration. When applied correctly, window tinting can last up to ten years with minimal maintenance.  

Always Drive in Style

A vehicle’s exterior is the first thing others notice. Chipping paint, a dull finish, and untinted glass windows only detract from a car’s beauty. That’s why so many drivers choose to upgrade their rides with aftermarket customizations. There is truly something for everyone, from flashy vinyl wraps to mysterious dark windows. These customizations not only improve a car’s appearance but in most cases, they will also increase the resale value.

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