How much can an investor earn on Bulgarian real estate in 2024?

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Investing your capital into real estate continues to be a great strategy. The main thing is to properly develop an investment program, to select profitable objects, and then to formalize the deal with the best terms. International real estate investing can be lucrative in terms of finding opportunities that are more affordable and bring a higher return on invested capital.

How much you can earn from renting an apartment in Bulgaria

Income from renting an apartment in Bulgaria depends on the resort. The following resorts are considered the most expensive.

  1. Burgas is a large port city on the Black Sea coast. There are parks with fountains, sand sculptures, the Cathedral of St. Cyril and Methodius. This resort is popular among tourists, and rental prices are high.
  2. Nessebar is also popular among vacationers, although it is an expensive town. There are well-equipped beaches, numerous nightclubs, restaurants, cafes and stores.
  3. Varna is an ancient city with a huge number of attractions. Here you can visit: dolphinarium, seaside park, Asparuhov Bridge, the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin.

Sunny Beach and Sveti Vlas resorts are considered to be more affordable. At the resorts, where in addition to beaches with crystal clear water there are numerous attractions, amusement parks, nightclubs, rent is always higher than in quiet resorts, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Property prices in Bulgaria 2024: forecast

The cost of real estate in Bulgaria is increasing every year. One-room apartment, meter 30 square meters. m. can be found for 40 thousand euros in such resorts as Zlotye Sands, Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas. But in the more popular vacation spots (in Varna and Sofia), the purchase of the same size apartment will cost more than 80 thousand euros.

When buying housing attention is paid to:

  • popularity of the resort;
  • location from the coastline;
  • availability of all amenities;
  • location of stores, pharmacies, recreation areas;
  • developed infrastructure.

To buy real estate in a new building, the transaction can be made remotely. And when buying secondary housing buyer needs to be present at the transaction or issue a power of attorney for the buyer’s agent. The whole process of registration of the purchase takes about a week. The buyer needs to provide for the cost of a lawyer and a notary.

Buying real estate in Bulgaria for rent: profitability

Choosing houses for sale in Bulgaria in the company Bulgarian resales with the further purpose of renting them out, it is worth paying attention to the resort.

Houses and apartments that are not more than 300 meters away from the sea are in great demand for rent. Also, the beaches should have all the amenities for recreation:

  • water parks;
  • play areas for children;
  • cafes, restaurants;
  • night clubs.

Buying an apartment or house for further renting to vacationers, it is important to read information on the Internet, what kind of housing is most in demand. Also on this subject you can consult with realtors. It is best to buy real estate in popular resorts (Varna, Sofia). But it is also worth considering that the resort towns are highly dependent on the time of year. In the summer you can rent an apartment here is expensive, and in the fall prices will drop significantly until the next warm season.

houses for sale in bulgaria

In which city in Bulgaria is the most profitable to buy real estate

For those who are interested in Bulgarian properties for sale in Bulgarianresales, you should give preference to the following cities: Pomorie, Ahedoi, Ravda, Varna.

Ravda is a small village with a well-developed infrastructure. There are water parks, a moon park, paid and free beaches, beautiful buildings with individual style.

In Varna there is a dolphinarium, a park, a cathedral. All beaches are equipped with sun beds and umbrellas.

Pomorie is a calm and quiet town where you can get away from nature. There is a museum, a monastery. But most of all vacationers are attracted by the picturesque nature and healing mud.

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