Viktor Ponomarchuk: Pioneering the World of Vegetable Oils and Fats

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Originating from Vinnytsia, Viktor Ponomarchuk is the mastermind behind the formidable ViOil conglomerate. As a significant contributor to Vinnytsia’s economy and a leading employer, he’s carved out a definitive space for himself in Ukraine’s oilseed realm. With operations spanning across Ukraine, Ponomarchuk’s ViOil empire serves diverse markets, reaching from Europe and the Middle East all the way to Southeast Asia and Africa.

Viktor Ponomarchuk: A Biography of Vinnytsia Origins and ViOil Achievements

Raised in Vinnytsia, Viktor Evgenevich Ponomarchuk was always drawn to the world of arts, having attended specialized art schools, while also nurturing a deep affinity for the precision of sciences like mathematics. Even as a young man, his commitment to excellence was evident in the detailed mosaic pieces he crafted.

Viktor’s academic journey led him to Vinnytsia Technical University, where he specialized in telemechanics, furthering his education to achieve a Ph.D. in technical disciplines.

With the dissolution of the USSR, Ponomarchuk channeled his scientific insights into the evolving Ukrainian economic landscape, pioneering his own enterprise. Now, he stands as an instrumental figure behind the rise and prominence of the ViOil industrial powerhouse.

From Trading Stocks to Building ViOil: Ukraine’s Agro-Industrial Journey

In the ’90s, Viktor Ponomarchuk embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. Before establishing his inaugural enterprise, he meticulously explored diverse sectors, gravitating towards agriculture, and even dabbled in stockbroking.

Joining forces with old schoolmates in 1997, he laid the groundwork for the KMT conglomerate. This venture encompassed realms such as real estate, machinery production, and expansive wholesale operations, notably emphasizing the trade in vegetable oils and fats. Notably, Ponomarchuk retained oversight of a significant chunk of the conglomerate’s resources.

A strategic move in 1998 saw KMT revitalizing two underperforming oil and fat production units in Vinnytsia and Chernivtsi. Under Ponomarchuk’s guidance, the firms innovated by transforming low-grade rapeseed for industrial purposes. In a bid to rejuvenate local agronomy, they also rolled out high-grade French seed varieties to farmers.

Leading the charge, Ponomarchuk’s firm distinguished itself by being among the first in Ukraine to encase its “Violiya” oil brand in plastic containers. Their products resonated not just within the CIS territories but also extended their reach to Central Asia and the Baltic regions. Impressively, by the end of 1998, a sizable oil consignment from the Chernivtsi plant had found its way to Lithuania.

2006 witnessed Ponomarchuk’s strategic pivot. Departing from KMT, he channeled its assets to sculpt a new agro-industrial behemoth, christening it as ViOil.

ViOil Group: A Snapshot of Operations

Core Pillars of ViOil’s Operational Blueprint:

  1. Oil refining centers located in Vinnitsa and Chernivtsi;
  2. A vast logistical web, comprised of grain storage facilities and sales hubs;
  3. A cutting-edge R&D wing, championing future-focused tech and groundbreaking products;
  4. Collaborative bonds with regional agriculturists guaranteeing consistent raw material supplies;
  5. Broadened international endeavors, reaching from the steppes of Central Asia to the shores of the Baltics;
  6. A steadfast dedication to green initiatives, sustainable growth trajectories, and impactful community engagement

Such a multi-faceted blueprint has catapulted ViOil to its eminent standing in the industry.

ViOil’s Triumph: Cutting-Edge Oil Processing Expertise

The Vinnitsa oil refinery is engineered to handle up to 3,500 tons of sunflower seeds every day, adaptable to a variety of raw inputs.

Pivotal operations within the Vinnitsa establishment encompass:

  • Dual oil extraction modules, each with distinct capacities;
  • A state-of-the-art hydrogenation plant;
  • An advanced bottling conveyor optimized for plastic containers;
  • Production lines for margarine and an array of other goods;
  • Facilities dedicated to the creation of granulated items.

Over in Chernivtsi, the processing facility is renowned for its expansive operational setup, which includes:

  • Innovative equipment fine-tuned for the nuances of oilseed refinement;
  • A dedicated chain emphasizing the enrichment of oil’s purity and quality.

Come 2017, ViOil etched its name prominently in the industry with its versatile offerings of meals and oils. And, by the close of the 2018/19 financial year, the enterprise emerged as a dominant figure in sunflower oil manufacturing.

Under Viktor Ponomarchuk’s Helm: ViOil’s Diverse Offerings and Global Expansion

The ViOil Product Portfolio features:

  • An array of vegetable oils presented in diverse containers;
  • Edible fats tailored for the culinary and sweet-making sectors;
  • Nutrient-rich meals and pelletized products;
  • Palm oil along with a range of supplementary items.

Under Viktor Evgenevich Ponomarchuk’s leadership, ViOil has expanded its influence beyond the traditional confines of the CIS, reaching into the Gulf states, the Indochinese regions, the plains of Africa, and deep into European territories.

Important trade relationships have been established with the likes of the Middle Kingdom (China), the Subcontinent (India), the Land of the Crescent Moon (Turkey), and the European Frontier (Poland). Moreover, sweet makers in Ukraine and throughout the CIS regularly turn to ViOil for their ingredients. In a significant achievement in 2018, the firm shipped an impressive 19,370 metric tons of soybean meal, underlining its market prowess.

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