How To Prepare For Class 11 Economics

When you reach the eleventh grade, the Economics subject becomes a part of the curriculum. Until the tenth grade, the economics taught in school is very theoretical and fairly easy, and most students are used to that type of economics. But the economics in eleventh is very different from what you have studied till now, it is more complicated and it includes a lot of practice and understanding. As it feels like a new addition, most students don’t know how to study it and be good at the subject, this leads to them not performing well in the exams and their overall grade falls. 

If studied properly, economics can prove to be a fun subject. It is interesting as it talks about the current world scenarios, it is a logical subject and you don’t have to do a lot of cramming. Students need to figure the proper way of studying this subject and preparing for its exam as economics can prove to be a very scoring subject and it can also be a beneficial career choice in the future.

Listen to the teacher

Yes, the concepts of the economics subject are very vast and complicated, it is not easy to grasp them just by reading. You need to pay attention to your teacher in class, as teachers know easy and effective ways of explaining a topic. Listening to the teacher in the class also increases your retention power, so that when you are revising in the future or attempting your exam, you can recall what was taught in class and answer the questions easily. The teacher shares an abundance of reference materials and tricks to solve questions so you must listen to her or him. 

You should be a participative student in class, you should try to answer the questions that the teacher asks. It will help you by increasing your interest in the class. You must also try to clear any of your doubts that arise while you are in class, if you don’t clear your doubts when they arise, they will keep building up and it will prove to be a problem when you are preparing for your test. 

While listening to your teacher you can also try to maintain a notebook of rough notes and doubts, in this notebook you can write down whatever the teacher teaches and you can refer to this notebook whenever you are studying or revising for your exam. 

Study from NCERT

Oftentimes, people will tell you that you should refer to different books, that you should buy those thick and expensive reference books to perform well. That is not the truth, the best way to perform well in your economics exam is to refer to your NCERT economics book. NCERT books are extremely beneficial as they clear all the fundamental concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand language. NCERT books are based on CBSE’s curriculum and they are all that you need to prepare for your final exams. Along with a clear basic understanding, NCERT books also include simple but useful questions for every chapter, you must solve these questions to practice each concept and to get a deeper insight into every chapter.

Another good thing about the NCERT books is that you can easily download them in a pdf form for free, pdfs can be opened on any advice and you can then access your NCERT book anywhere even if you don’t have a physical copy of the book at the time. Most books are not available to be downloaded as a pdf, and even if they are, they are not free but you can download the NCERT Books for Class 11 Economics PDF without any hassle and make your studying easy.

Forming study groups

Study groups are groups of students who meet together to study and practice together. There are endless benefits of a study group, study groups force you to be accountable, as you study with others in a group you will be more motivated to study and do better than others. When we study on our own, there is no one to keep up accountable and that often leads us to lag behind and not pay enough attention to our education.

Studying with others also creates an environment of competition, this competition is mostly healthy so there is no harm in it. When others are studying the same thing as us, we get an additional motivation to perform better than them, we feel this need to do well and do better than others. 

As people study in a group, they study their knowledge about the content with others. This is helpful as you will not get these insights by studying alone. You can learn how others solve difficult questions or how others learn a complicated concept. In return, you can also share some of your tips. Helping others would also help you in return as you will be able to revise your concepts and brush up on your knowledge. 

So form groups with classmates and friends and try to study together. 

Watching online content 

To upgrade the quality of your preparation, you can go online. You can find explanations of chapters, practice questions, and sample papers online that can help you in preparation. 

This material is easily available on various sites, you can go on youtube and watch videos if you are having trouble understanding a particular concept. You can read blogs and articles about solving questions easily. You can also find solutions to difficult questions online. 

Another great thing about finding material online is that you can find a lot of sample papers that you can practice for your final examination. These papers will be even more beneficial if they are based on CBSE’s pattern as they can help prepare for your next year’s board examination also. It will be better if you practice these papers along with a timer, you can use the timer to help you stay within the time limit. 

Practicing on a sample paper will also help you in preparing for some higher difficulty level questions that can be asked in the final exam.

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