Top-notch Simulator-type Browser Games

In this article, we’re going to split some very thin hairs for the sake of journalism. Because when we think of “simulator” games, we think of titles that try to emulate the exact physics of real life. A Flight simulator in Melbourne, for example, typically provides a very realistic simulation experience, to the point that flight simulators can be used as additional training for pilots.

Simulator-type games, however, do not need to be so strict in emulating real life. They can have simulator features but still, incorporate fantasy elements. Like a really bad example, you can imagine “dating sim” games, which attempt to let the player experience romantic relationships through storyline-driven games.

Strangely, most “dating sim” browser games are drawn in anime graphics, and chock full of Japanese schoolgirls, so… as we said, sim-type games blend ‘reality’ with ‘fantasy’, and “dating sim” games lean far, far more towards the “fantasy”. In fact, KFC recently launched a parody of the whole dating sim genre, where you try to seduce Colonel Sanders. What are we even talking about? This is getting weird. Let’s just continue with the article.

Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D

So, there are generally two ways you can pretend to be a wolf. One involves identifying as something called a “furry” and going to furry conventions in a wolf costume. We’ll stop the explanation there. The other involves playing Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D – we’ll try not to judge if you prefer the former over the latter.

But if you choose the latter, it’s a pretty in-depth simulation of the daily life of a wolf. With video game elements, of course. You run around, hunt other animals, form a wolf pack, make wolf babies. Howl at the moon. All that cool wolf stuff. The developer also makes a bunch of other animal-themed simulator games, so you can also play Panda Simulator, Dog Simulator, Tiger Simulator, Horse Simulator, Fox Simulator… strangely, there’s no Gorilla Simulator, which would be best of all.

Basketball Stars 2019

So, while this is a pretty simple and cartoony basketball game, the developer did a top-notch job of simulating various actions within the gameplay. Little things like pressing the ‘shoot’ button will shoot the basketball while you’re standing, jumping and shooting at the same time will perform a jump shot, but jumping and shooting while you’re near the basket will do a slam-dunk.

So while Basketball Stars 2019 has nothing close to resembling realistic graphics, it seems the developer put a lot of effort into simulating the physics of the basketball itself, and the way you can catch rebounds and turn them into slam-dunks feels pretty simulator-type, in a cool way. Go ahead and try it out.

City Tour Bus Coach Driving Adventure

If you’ve ever complained about public transportation buses running late or drivers going on strike, feel their pain behind the wheel in this bus driving simulator game. This could almost be categorized as modern art, the plight of the everyday bus driver transformed into videogame expression. It’s really not for the faint of heart, so if you’re prone to anxiety and stress, you might prefer something more relaxing like Idle Breakout.

Of course, you don’t have to play it like a simulator. If being a bus driver sends you into a rage, you can drive like a maniac around the city, smashing into vehicles and pedestrians, like a lot of real-life bus drivers probably wish they could.

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