Essay Writing Prompts For College Students

Do you know what gives you a distinguishing mark of literacy anywhere in the world? Several things can mark you out as a literate. Reading, for instance, is a good start.  If you can read, you’ve attained a reasonable level of literacy. However, reading, among other communication skills like listening or speaking, is not a sufficient marker of literacy.

You might be wondering which other communication skills bespeaks your literacy. As students, is able to help you with online college essay writing service professionally. You may ask yourself ‘why should I pay someone to write my essay’? 

Essay Writing

We are in art. It is a world of creativity where other “worlds” are created and brought to life through the use of papers and pens. When writers grip the pen, the entire universe is under their control. Anything can be created. That sounds great, doesn’t it? That’s the power writing carries!  However, as beautiful and appealing as writing is, it is not every students’ favorite. In fact, English class is often flooded with sighs of fear, disinterest, and even abhorrence for writing, especially essay writing. 

Essay writing is a writing variety that tests your ability to express your views, opinions, arguments or points on a particular topic. For instance, you and your college friends can argue on a topic like: “Civilian rule is better than Military rule.” With such a topic on the ground, you will of course support or oppose the motion. Then you give reasons for your support or opposition. This is exactly what you do when you’re writing essays! The only difference is the formality.

An essay is formal, properly structured and written down on sheets of paper. Now, that’s where the problem lies. College students shy away from these requirements of the essay. That’s exactly why essay writing prompts are instituted in colleges to test students’ intelligence, comprehension, and analytic competence. 

Essay Writing Prompts

Essay writing prompts are assignments given to students to guide them to write their views or opinions about a particular topic in a specific way. As education has heightened to an advanced level in the present world, essay writing prompts emerged as one of the best ways of drawing out the creativity embedded in the minds of college students. Hence, they are aimed at enhancing the creative prowess of students; developing their power of imagination and boosting their solidarity and even fond of writing. Through essay writing prompts, your connectivity to the writing system is facilitated. 

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Useful Tips for Essay Writing Prompts

There are some cogent questions you should endeavor to provide answers for when writing prompts. Essay writing prompt aims at testing your ability to write on a topic. It is also a test that focuses on determining how creative and analytical you are. Essay prompts are centered around a topic.  Ask yourself questions that will provide clues about the topic. 

  1. What is the topic all about?
  2. What is the central purpose or theme of the topic?
  3. Is it argumentative, expository or narrative in nature?
  4. What kind of writing style will be suitable for the topic? 
  5. What kind of audience is the essay meant for? 

Try these tips and give your essay prompts a radiance of creativity. 

Where to Ask For Help With College Essays in 2020

Coronavirus stopped the education process in all the Universities around the world. Many of them switched to online education but those who didn’t have online learning management systems shut down everything with no strict deadline. But soon many students may experience trouble with their academic performance. If you are in this situation then you can ask an essay coach to help with college essay writing. They can help with any academic assignment, just drop them a message through online chat. Alongside help, you will find some nice essay examples covering different topics to inspire you for writing your own piece of art.

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