Top Easy To Use Remote Work Apps For Small Businesses

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, numerous businesses have shifted to remote work. Thus, since remote work is becoming a significant part of our lives, we should look for ways to make it more convenient. In this article, you will find the best remote work programs that could facilitate the company’s progress, simplifying the working routine for employees and giving managers more control over the performance.


A vast number of companies such as Australian casino representatives or IT enterprises have already been using this popular software.

Slack is a corporate messenger with an easy-to-use interface created for communication among the company’s employees. Private messages, audio and video calls, and group chats are all available in Slack. Furthermore, the program allows you to share files, which is convenient. This program is an excellent solution for companies that need to remotely coordinate teams and their employees.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams users have doubled since the COVID-19 outbreak because many companies rely on Microsoft programs. Microsoft Teams is a program for team management and communication. The program is popular since it is integrated with Microsoft Office 365, which is useful because it allows users to keep documents in the cloud. The program is easy to use and includes chat, online meetings, applications, file sharing and collaboration.


Zoom should be the first program on your list if you need high-quality video conferences. Zoom also provides both free and paid services. Moreover, you can have a high-quality individual and group meeting even if you use the free version. However, if there are three or more individuals in the conference, the time limit is 40 minutes. Other amazing features for remote work include desktop and app sharing, whiteboards and annotations, and MP4 video conference recording. 


Given that we have already mentioned MS Teams and Zoom as your preferred apps for remote work, it is worth noting the emergence of a relatively new category of tools – meeting assistants. Apps like MeetGeek are gaining popularity as they enable users to record, transcribe, and extract important highlights from online meetings. In addition, MeetGeek provides the option to send a Notetaker to attend calls on your behalf if you are double-booked or running late. Similar to other apps on our list, MeetGeek also offers a free subscription.


The program is free for companies with up to 15 employees. Asana allows you to manage projects or tasks and have a dashboard with the online calendar. You can also assign tasks and control project-due dates of your employees. Asana has been integrated with numerous programs thanks to its popularity and experience. You can, for example, use Dropbox while working with Asana.

Google Docs

According to Statista, office software is one of the most frequently used tools for work. Applications included in Google Docs are perfect for work. Even though Google Docs lacks the functionalities of Microsoft Office, it remains the greatest free solution for people who work remotely.

With Google Docs, your employees and clients could have access to files. The work becomes much easier with a good system of file changes and comments. You can create and share documents with clients, directly edit files and leave or receive comments. 


When it comes to remote work, the topic of file backup is essential. iDrive includes numerous features such as file backup, recovery, and synchronization. If you want to back up your files quickly and easily, iDrive is an excellent choice. Furthermore, it is simple to use, making the program suitable for personal and business use. All you have to do is install the program on your computer, and it will assist you with backing up your files.

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