CSGO Dust 2 Practical Smoke Bomb Point

Dust 2 is very popular in csgo and is the first choice of game maps for many players. The use of smoke bombs in dust 2 is a very important point in tactics. It can interfere with opponents and hide their tracks when attacking, but many players do not know where Throwing smoke bombs anywhere will make the smoke bombs you throw completely meaningless. Here are some csgo dust2 practical smoke bomb location to help you gain an advantage in the duel. I want to know more csgo tips and strategies articles Please visit gametopn.com.

1. T Spawn ‘s xBox

T Spawn ‘s xBbox is the box facing the middle door of CT in the dust2 map. You can throw smoke bombs at the xBox . This location can block an important angle to help you and your teammates safely pass through the T stage and head to A Short.

The specific operation steps are as follows: First, you need to walk to a corner on the wall behind T Spawn, then look at the house in the middle, aim your crosshair at the coincidence of the wall and the turret, and make a jump shot. When you reach the Throw a smoke grenade when you jump to the top and you’re done.

2.xBox near Mid Doors

Throwing a smoke grenade at the xBox near Mid Doors blocks the line of sight of any CT opponents located at A Site and leaves them only to reposition to gain vision.

The specific operation steps are as follows: Go to the right on the xBox of Mid Doors, and line up with the rope on the left, then look up at the tower near A Short, align the crosshair with the corner of the plank protruding from the top of the tower, and place the crosshair Move up and move slightly to the right, and finally throw a smoke bomb from where it was.

3. A Short One-Way

Throwing smoke grenades at A Short One-Way can keep yourself and your teammates close to the enemy without being detected, and you can catch the enemy off guard.

The specific operation steps are as follows: First, you need to walk to the center of the iron gate next to A Short One-Way, then move the perspective of the crosshair to the left, and you can aim at the middle point of the wooden stick and the window. After confirming the position Just throw a smoke bomb.

4. Short’s CT Spawn

In Short’s CT Spawn, you can see multiple perspectives. After throwing smoke bombs, you can hide your position and attack the enemy better.

The specific steps are as follows: Go to the left of the shutter door of CT Spawn, turn the crosshair’s perspective to the top, you can see two white houses on the right, and throw a smoke bomb here at the top corner.

5. A Short Default

A Short Default is an excellent place to throw smoke bombs. This place is relatively hidden, you can throw it here with confidence, and it can also block the enemy’s progress very well.

The specific operation steps are as follows: You need to enter between the white box of A Short Default and the wall, then adjust the crosshair towards the direction of the stairs, align the crosshair with the position of the wall and steps on the right, and then you can throw Smoke bombs.

6. T Spawn’s open space

Throwing smoke grenades in the clearing of T Spawn is a great way to block your opponent’s field of vision, so you can strike quickly when your opponent readjusts their field of vision, killing enemies, and also helping your teammates get into better positions.

The specific operation steps are as follows: you need to walk to the wall and crouch down, make sure there are no enemies around, stand up, move the crosshair to the top, and aim at the roof, use the jump shot, and throw a smoke bomb when you reach the top of the jump.

Above are the csgo dust 2 practical smoke grenade spots, want to know more csgo dust2 best smoke spots?

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