Top 5 Road Trips From NYC

New York City is an amazing starting point for road trips towards all directions. Do you long to discover other nearby cities or visit some stunning natural wonders? New York is surrounded by many interesting places that are in a reasonable distance right from Manhattan. Either by taking a train, bus or even considering to rent a car NYC offers fantastic places to visit with your family or friends. Check out these 5 great road trips you can take from NYC.

Philadelphia and its historic city

Let’s start with the urban part that is indeed rich around New York. The US West Coast consists of many great and large cities, and Philadelphia is one of them. It is only 96 miles from New York, and it can be visited all year round. Use to get rent your vehicle and drive around those cities to discover them in more detail.

Philadelphia is amazing in combining national history with the present days. You can learn a lot about the city as well as the West Coast and the United States by only walking around the streets and discovering its architecture. It has many cultural and historical attractions that draw on the fact that Philadelphia played a significant part in the American Revolution.

You can visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Independence Hall if you are a fan of big institutions and classical art. Otherwise, Philadelphia has also many theaters and small cultural hipster events!

Southampton beach on Long Island

Almost a similar distance from New York is Southampton beach on Long Island. It is only 99 miles from New York, which is a quick drive if you use a car rental.

This beach is stunning and it’s best to see it in the summertime when the weather is calm and nice. America is famous for its golden beaches in California, but you don’t need to drive so far to be able to see it on your own eyes. Southampton beach is exactly how you would imagine the typical famous American beach; soft white sand and nice blue sea while lined by large mansions. This road trip is one of the most popular on sunny days, and it provides you with a perfect escape from a hasty yet exciting city of New York.

Kent, Connecticut: Riding on Route 7

Getting slowly further from New York, Kent in Connecticut is still in a reasonable distance (100 miles) that owns beautiful places to visit. By using SUV service through car rental, you can set yourself on a journey to Kent. There are many ways how to get there, but Route 7 is the prettiest as it will lead your trough calm countryside full of greenish nature and many ice cream and coffee shops.

Visit Kent Falls State Park where you can do a short hike, only about 250 feet, up to waterfalls. After the hike, you can head back to the town to explore the little city and have lunch or dinner at one of the local restaurants. Make sure to try out a steamed cheeseburger, a local Connecticut meal that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Hudson Valley, New York State

This road trip takes about 218 miles, but it is definitely worth it as the Hudson Valley is a lovely and beautiful place to visit. Depending on how long you can afford to stay, the Hudson Valley has always something to offer.

If you are short on time, start with visiting the village of Nyack, a little village characterized by old houses, art galleries, and coffee shops.

After, you can drive to Bear Mountain State Park, specifically to The Perkins Memorial Drive that is right at the top of the mountain. This place opens you a beautiful view over the national park and Hudson River. Also, if you visit the Memorial Tower, you can see even a Manhattan if the weather allows it.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City is 127 miles from New York. It is best to visit during the summertime, so you can spend the time on the beach and a four-mile boardwalk lined with bars, restaurants, casinos and fairground rides. Thanks to this entertaining boardwalk where everyone finds something,

Atlantic City is sometimes called the Vegas of the east coast. The city is culturally alive every day as it has many shows, boxing matches and comedy stands up.

This road trip is a perfect choice for midsummer days, only a few hours away from New York. It makes you experience a totally new atmosphere and offers you a lot of fun.

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