Top 5 Image Search Tools To Find Stolen Images On The Internet

Internet would be boring without images, and that is the reason they are overflowing with immense pressure. As long as pictures on the internet are revolving, the cases of stealing them are rising. Once you capture and upload, anyone can steal them easily in the blink of an eye. That’s why today 55% of the internet is flooding with stolen images. Not only this, but the cases of spreading fake news are also reaching their peak. 

Unfortunately, we cannot stop these things. But luckily, we can use reverse image search techniques to keep our images secured. Are you hearing about this technique for the first time? If so, you might be curious to know what it is and how it can determine visual content. 

What is Reverse Image Search & how to find stolen images?

So, first of all, we should introduce you to the basics of this modern image search technique. In simple terms, reverse image search is a way to find similar images using any particular photo. For example, you have posted a picture of donuts, and you want to know whether or not it got stolen. If you drop that photo in the picture search tool, you can access the sites having the same match. So, this is how the technique works. 

In technical speak, similar picture search is an advanced means that gets based on the CBIR (Content-based image retrieval) system. Once you have dropped the image query, the technique will surf the entire web and obtain accurate results. This technique not only helps you find stolen images. But also help you spot fake news on the go. Now the question is how to conduct an image search. Read the following section to grab the answer.

Top 5 Tools To Find Stolen Images 

After putting in hours into research, we have come to know that anyone can find similar images without any hassles. Reverse photo lookup lets you discover the most comparable photos over the web. Users can search by photos, keywords, or by image links to find the best match. You might be wishing to know which tool will work perfectly for you. Right? Well, the wait is over because we are getting straight into it. 


It is one of the best image search tools that help users to find stolen images in seconds. It uses AI (artificial intelligence) and multifunctional techniques that make the process pretty accurate. With this reverse image search tool, you can perform picture searches by uploading the image directly, by keyword, or by entering the image URL in the specified fields provided by the utility. This reverse photo search tool will match the image query from all across the web and serve you with accurate image results. 

Google Reverse Image Search 

Google image search is the best and common way to find stolen photos on the internet. It works on both – keywords and images. Open Google Reverse Image search, and enter particular keywords, or upload images or the name of the picture. Once you do so, Google will evaluate the words and serve you with an exact match.

This is another most commonly used picture search tool helping users to find plagiarized photos on the go. This image search tool is offering a free-of-cost facility to conduct photo searches to retrieve similar images from six leading search engines. The platform aims to protect users’ privacy and never share your data with any third party. Also, it has a clean and user-friendly interface that keeps users satisfied. 


In the list, this is the 4th best image search tool that has a user-friendly interface that makes you feel comfortable while spotting stolen images. Once you have dropped the image query to this reverse image search tool, you can access every detail about the matched images and sources instantly. Besides, this picture search tool will let you search using images and get all the relevant image results from different search engines without any hassles. 

Tineye Picture Search

Here enters another way to find stolen images. TinEye is a smart way similar to Google image search. The good thing is this tool, contains an advanced picture search feature that offers additional features for spotting stolen images. 


So, this is how you can find stolen images on the internet using reverse image search without any hassles. If you have not tried these tools yet, it is the right time to go for them now!

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