8 Security Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Securing our houses is very important. Every day we see social media and news channels filled with updates and headlines on the numerous crimes which have broken families. The question is are you following the much-needed safety measure to keep your house secure. If not, you should start now. Security tips can be very useful. They can save us from incurring huge losses

Besides crimes and thefts. The changing weather conditions have also made our houses easy targets to many kinds of calamities. Our houses have now become prone to being engulfed in wildfires or being damaged because of floods.

By keeping these simple tips in mind one can easily secure their home. These tips are life-changing as they can boost the overall security of your house. They are easy to implement and are not very costly.

1.Technology is the key

We live in a tech-savvy world and are exposed to some of the most useful inventions. These days there are thousands of tools and equipment available in the market which you can use for safety purposes. They will enhance the security of your house and will make your life hassle-free. They are trouble-free and simple to use.

One of the best types of equipment is led 5050 strip light.  These days one can also opt for alarm lights which start blinking in case of an attack. Generally one can install them above a door or near a window. Special sirens with detectors can be installed near glass doors too.They set off an alarm when any intruder tries to break in. These items are durable and sturdy. 

2.Securing your surrounding

The surroundings of our house need to be secured in the right manner. Fire alarms or smoke alarms should be installed. They would notify the owners in case of an emergency. If you are living in a zone prone to wildfires one should always keep a fire extinguisher at home.

One can also install security cameras. This would allow us to see the past recordings and they can be used as proof in case of any unwanted crimes. We can easily catch hold of any crime perpetrators. Installing security systems in and around the house is a must. Security systems immediately notify you of any suspicious activity or trespassers. 

3.Take care of Courtyards

The thick greenery outside our houses is beautiful to look at yet it can become a disaster if not taken care of. Thick greenery outside the house can also become home to many pests and insects. Besides that, it can become a hideout for burglars. One should opt for flower pots instead. They are a safer option and are easy to handle.Our yards or backyards shouldn’t become a display for fancy goods as it would attract many.

4.Always keep your valuables safe

Keeping your valuables in a safe place is a must. A lot of people prefer keeping their jewelry in a digital locker or at the bank which is a good idea. Wooden wardrobes can easily be accessed by breaking the locks. One needs to ensure that a safe place is chosen to keep one’s valuables.

5.Keep your doors safe

Our doors are the biggest entry points for criminals. Doors can be easily broken. Thieves know thousands of ways to unlock doors. A digital lock should be built in the doors to keep them secure. Digital locks can be controlled by a mobile application and the owner will be notified each time the door opens or closes. 

A digital locking system has been specially designed to make your house more safe and secure. Door barricades or latches can also be used as a safety measure.

Video doorbells are a safe and better option to use instead of regular doorbells. Video doorbells allow one to communicate with the person standing outside the door. You can directly deny the entry of a person via a video doorbell.

6.Beware Of Content shared online

Today social media and the internet have become pathways for numerous crimes. Sharing personal information across social media should be avoided. Miscreants can easily filter out our personal information by going through our social media accounts. 

The contact information you upload online or share with others can easily be misused. It’s better to keep some things concealed to live a secure life.

Hackers can hack personal information easily and can misuse it by sharing it with crime perpetrators. Hence, one needs to be careful about the content they share across social media.

7.Light up Your Surroundings

It’s always a great option to light the surrounding area. You can add lamps or outdoor lights to your courtyard, balcony, or backyard. This will not only add to the beauty but your surroundings would also not look dull. Burglars and criminals are generally attracted to dark places. They tend to break into quiet places.

Closed houses which are not lit are more prone to thefts. Many experts state that one should leave the main lights switched on whenever they go out of a station. This would give a feeling that one is living in the house.

8.Keep your garage locked

Garages can become entry points for criminals. Garage doors need to be locked properly. One can install security alarms or safety doors. One can easily break through the garage. Many people like to use the garage as a storage room where they also like to keep furniture beside their vehicles. The windows should be covered in all cases. Miscreants can damage vehicles as well. This would lead to the owner incurring huge costs. One should also make it a point not to park cars outside or not to store any valuables inside the car. As they too can become a source which would lead them to your house.


Safety should be our prime motive especially when it comes to our comfy abode. These measures are an essential element that shouldn’t be taken for granted. By following them we can live a stress-free life.

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