Top 3 Weight Loss Apps That Are Incredibly Useful

There are a couple of apps that can help you lose weight. So, when you download these apps on your mobile phone, you can not only keep a tab on your lifestyle and habits but also keep a check on your exercises and the calorie intake. A few of these apps have some exquisite characteristics and features, too, such as support forums, and financial rewards. These rewards help you stay motivated and be on top of your weight loss game. The good thing is all these weight loss apps are easy for you to use.

Here, we have come up with 3 most useful and helpful apps that will help you shed off the unwanted kilos. So, let us take a look at these apps one by one.

First-Lose it

Mia, who works with a platform that offers online write my essay for me services, says that Lose It is a user-friendly app that will help facilitate weight loss and calorie counting for you. It is also a good app to help you keep track of your everyday weight. On using the app, you can keep track of your health goals, weight, and age. With the help of the app, you can generate your calorie requirement daily. It will also provide you with a personalized plan to help you lose weight.

So, once your plan is finalized, you will have to enter in the food intake requirements in your app. There is a massive database of more than 7 billion foods, brands, and items from the restaurant. Further, there is also a barcode scanner available for the app.

So, you can also add foods to your log. If you frequently enter a particular food or brand, it will save it. This will help you quickly select from the list when you have to eat it. Additionally, you can also get a report of the weekly and daily calorie intake. When you use the app to keep a tab on your weight, your weight changes will be presented on the graph.

The Snap It feature of the app makes it different from the other weight loss apps. So, by taking the pictures of your meals, you can keep a tab on your portion sizes and food intake. The community component of the app is also helpful as it helps you participate in the challenges with the other users. You can ask them questions in a forum or share information with them.


Gargi, who offers online do my statistics homework services, says that you can log your weight, exercise, and meals with the user-friendly tracking panel of the SparkPeople. The nutrition database of the app is huge and it has more than 3,00,000 food items available. Further, the app also has a barcode scanner, which makes it easy for you to keep a track of all the packaged items that you consume.

On signing up for the SparkPeople, you get access to their demo component. It will include the descriptions and the photos of all the common exercises that you can include via proper workout techniques. You have a point system also included in Spark People. So, whenever you log in your habits or if you achieve a particular goal, you will bag some points. You can use these points for your motivation.


Sophie, who offers online assignment help, says that one of the most effective means to lose weight is via calorie tracking. So, with an app like My Fitness Pal, you can keep a tab on your calorie needs and then log on all that you eat in a day. The app has a massive nutrition database of 5 million food items. In addition to it, there are also restaurant food items included in the app that are usually not easy to keep a track on.

After you log in your calorie intake, the app will give you a breakdown of the nutrients and the calories that you consumed in the day. Further, the app also generates a few reports, such as a pie chart, which will give you an overview of the total protein, carbohydrates, and fat consumption.

Rhea, who offers the best product management courses online, says that the most useful feature of the app is that it has a barcode scanner that makes it easy for you to log in to the nutritional information of the packaged food items. You can even look for a few healthy recipes and track your weight with the app.

So, these are the three most incredibly useful apps that will help facilitate your weight loss journey.

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