Top 10 Newest Tech Gadgets For College Students

Even if you’re the most successful student on your campus, nothing will beat the one who decided to be ready for the new futuristic age with tons of gadgets and technology occupying everything. When the new period of studying is starting, be it the new year or semester, it’s best to be ready for everything and plan your time well, as much as resources. In case it’s a little bit hard for you to get your plans going, we prepared a list of best gadgets for college students that you might or might not know about; but they will definitely help you.

Take a look at our list of 10 top gadgets for college students, and we hope that you’ll find some AI help for yourself this semester at university.

1. Take Notes Like A Genius

Ever thought of someone begging you to share notes or give you a deadline for the paper? Now it’s way easier for you to do so with something called a smart notebook. The perks of this tech gadget are that you can take photos of anything you need with a special app on your smartphone and organize all the notes there, even guiding yourself with useful hashtags. You can share them from the app right away and access the cloud with any device.

2. Keep Your Phone Running

A black backpack illustration displaying its contents externally, including a phone, thermas, notebook, tablet and more set on an orange background.

Portable charges were so popular last year, but now there are something a lot easier and better – portable cases. It doesn’t matter if you’re a user of Android or Apple, you can basically get your case in any store online and save you time finding the cables when you’re running from campus to campus on a busy day.

3. Make Coffee On The Distance

Bluetooth is not considered very useful or popular nowadays. Except for the times when you use a Bluetooth speaker, there are no interesting things to do with it. Yet, it’s not completely true now, when you get to know about the Bluetooth coffee maker that can make you coffee from any point, whether you’re running to the dorms from class or lying in your bed in the morning. It’s also quick and simple to use.

4. Your Morning Drinks Will Stay Hot

You’ve got your coffee, but you’re late for a lecture or even better, a test? In case you don’t want to stay lazy and pay for someone to write a paper for you so you can stay home and drink it in peace, you can grab your heated mug and carry it there. Plug it into your laptop or in a car, and you’re ready to rock.

photo of the Ember coffee mug, which is a heated mug that can plug into a USB port.

5. Gadgets Will Stay Alive

Every college student needs to own one, a charging backpack. That convenient thing can not only carry your stuff around the college but also charge several devices at once, coming up to three USB ports. Put your e-book, laptop, and smartphone there, and nothing will trouble you on your studying day.

6. Read Smartly

Everybody is tired of paying for books, and everybody hates carrying them around. Even visiting libraries is a huge burden now. Well, there is always another option – a modern e-book. Digital copies of books always cost less, so you can save some money from it or even simply rent some if you don’t want to buy it. There’s an option of a pre-paid library for your student needs.

7. Track Your Life

When you have the most annoying schedule in the world, which happens quite a lot, you can’t even seem to be a little organized, and everything falls on your shoulders like huge rocks. While your life is quickly changing and evolving, let your life tracking device take hold of it. Sleeping, eating, activity and a lot of alarm option – perfect for a student.

8. Save Your Files

You don’t know what can happen to your files, to your precious notes and papers, to the test answers you’ve kindly asked for from the campus friend. That’s exactly why you need this one of the best gadgets students need – a hard drive. Seems simple, but it saves you a lot of time.

9. You Will Always Be Assisted

Not only adults use organizers in their life, but teenage students can also give it a try. A smart dashboard can be your perfect assistant, giving you options about what you want to see every morning. You can pick any stats available and connect your other devices to the system. Keep yourself updated with the student portal and even make your notifications come up on the dashboard.

10. A Smartphone Is Your Best Friend

Seems obvious, right? But it’s still the best thing you can ask for; it’s not named “smart” for nothing, having the best features right under your fingertips. While you can stay connected to your other devices, your smartphone will also feature the best apps for you, the ones that can save you time, money and effort on the things you don’t need.

In the times of the 21st century, it’s hard to be a teenager and keep your life updated every day, but we shouldn’t be scared or even the smallest bit intimidated by it. It’s best to go by trends and make your life easier just like your peers, finding out a bunch of tips and tricks that will help you keep a good schedule or pull the all-known mighty all-nighters. Be even smarter and research your options consistently, keep yourself up to date with current news. Maybe, you’ll be the one to obtain and start a new trend around your campus.

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